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In addition to masks, alcohol, wipes ,84 disinfectant and other disinfectant materials are all dangerous goods

to do MSDS, and need to do dangerous goods identification report and item REACH(205 for customs clearance only).

Distinguish which dangerous goods are different

Category I:


Alcohol disinfectants


1. Alcohol Disinfectants

Most wash-free hand sanitizers currently contain high concentrations of alcohol (anhydrous ethanol). According to the emergency management department's 2015 list of hazardous chemicals, more than 24% of alcohol content is classified as hazardous chemicals, so more than 24% of alcohol solution belongs to category 3 dangerous goods.

2. isopropyl alcohol disinfectant, the main component of hand sanitizer is isopropanol, isopropanol belongs to 3 kinds of dangerous goods.


3. disinfection wipes contain alcohol disinfection wipes, according to the content of liquid in the wipes, containing a higher content of alcohol still belong to dangerous goods. There is also a very common isopropanol disinfection wipes, is also a dangerous goods. In particular, the need to focus here is on the disinfection of wipes, as they belong to the solid category and are operated by air and sea by dangerous goods.


4. disinfectant cotton tablets or disinfectant cotton rods for alcohol disinfectant cotton tablets or alcohol disinfectant cotton rods sealed in separate small packages, if the alcohol liquid has been completely absorbed, no free liquid, well packed and passed the packing leakproof test, according to special regulations A46, the article is not restricted by the technical rules for the safe air transport of dangerous goods, and can be operated in accordance with general goods. Above alcohol disinfectant solution, isopropanol disinfectant solution, disinfect wet towel, since is dangerous goods, when export must according to dangerous goods operation, many manufacturers are really difficult in can not handle dangerous package certificate, in fact these products can handle dangerous package certificate, generally use outer packing UN carton to issue dangerous package certificate. If the exporter really can not handle, it is also possible to take the agency dangerous package certificate, the mode of limited declaration.


5.84 An efficient disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite solution as its main disinfectant. products sold on the market, the effective chlorine content is between 4.0% and 6.5%. Strong corrosive, not mixed with acid, should be stored separately to avoid poisoning. Class 8 dangerous goods.


Also noted are:

MSDS( Chemical Safety Technical Specification)

Whether in domestic trade or in import or export trade, a comprehensive description of detailed physical and chemical parameters, explosive properties, toxicity and environmental hazards, as well as information on safe use, leakage emergency rescue disposal, law regulations, etc. of a product (pure substance or mixture) provided to the customer by the chemical manufacturer or help users of the product to better control risks. Lack of MSDS or non-standard MSDS can lead to the risk of trade disruption.

MSDS specific content is different according to the requirements law different countries.

As each country has different requirements for importing anti-epidemic products such as masks and disinfectants, we must consult local agencies or receiving companies before exporting to avoid the problem of materials being withheld or returned.

2. self-use exports of masks, the number must be within a reasonable range, if the large number may also be seized by foreign customs.

3. the current air and sea transport capacity has not been restored, so the current transport time is relatively long, we pay attention to the change of waybill number after shipment, but also have to be patient, as long as there is no violation of the problem, generally will not be seized or returned;

4.3 Starting from 3 March, the relevant domestic units will carry out special operations on imported epidemic prevention materials. In addition to verifying the quality, date, quantity, collection and collection of masks and protective clothing, they will also carry out a special inspection on disinfectant, hand sanitizer and other disinfection and epidemic prevention articles, focusing on items such as product name, composition, quantity and storage.

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