Simply shipping your favorite furniture to Australia in China by three operations

Simply shipping your favorite furniture to Australia in China by three operations

A chat about Chinese immigrants to Australia often encounter housing problems and how to ship furniture to Australia new home process costs and matters needing attention.

First of all, buy a house in Australia House&Land Package, which is commonly known as buy a house, in short, buy a piece of land first, and then build a land on it

A standard pre-set villa building. First of all, we should pay attention to the choice of land, location, size (width, depth, shape, orientation) and so on, and land

time of delivery. Once the land was settle, builder builders applied for a building permit, which ranged from 4 to 8 weeks. After you get the permit, you can start building

That's it.

Then you can begin to consider how to ship furniture to Australia's new home.

The first thing to do is to talk about the shipping process, which most people are confused or worried about. In fact, the shipping process is very simple. The process that needs to be followed includes the loading of goods into the warehouse

packing)- fumigation - go customs declaration process - domestic customs release - sailing - arrival port of destination - customs clearance - destination port customs release - pick up - delivery. It's mainly these processes, but it's big

We don't need to know how to operate each process, at present we just need to do the goods into the warehouse this, follow up all the process, the forwarder will help you the whole process agent, you just need to

Wait for the goods. It's like sending a courier home.

A second relatively big question is the issue of taxes and fees, general goods taxes and fees are fixed, this you can directly add my social app tracyde consultation.

The third is about the way of sea transportation, many people say that my goods are not much, do not have to pack a container bar. Yes, the average sea freight can be divided into two parts: LCL and whole counte

If you don't have a lot of goods, you' re sure to choose LCL, if it's a home

Furniture must be shipped by sea, then recommend the way to go the whole cabinet. But the whole cabinet needs to pay attention to whether your address can enter the container cart, this is very critical, generally speaking

house are all ok, but the apartment is not ok, if can not enter the container the cost will be higher, these two points we need to remember.

The last one, which is also the most concerned about the cost, I would like to list the basic costs below to give you a reference:

1. Guangzhou to Melbourne, Sydney 2300 renewal 900

2, Guangzhou to Brisbane front 2400 renewal 900

3, Guangzhou-Pas first 2700 renewals 1000

4, Guangzhou to Adelaide first 2800 renewals 1100

The freight rate is calculated in cubic meters by sea bulk LCL, bulk LCL cost algorithm :(suitable for less than 20 cubic meters 20 cubic meters, more goods suggested to go the whole cabinet) cargo cubic calculation length (M)* width (M)* height (M)= cubic meters

If there are five shipments to Melbourne as follows ,2300 900*(5-1)=5900

You need to ship the whole container by sea if you have more goods, please social app tracyde advice.

quotation service from guangzhou warehouse to australia door, excluding the cost of the following, australia import tax, solid wood need fumigation fee, encounter customs inspection fee.

Under normal circumstances, we are going door-to-door package tax, this is the simplest operation in the sea, the least flow, the most worry-saving one.

1. so how does shipping furniture to australia operate?

General operating procedures: customers determine the plan after the start of shipment to my logistics warehouse; and then according to the customer's prescription requirements with the shipping company booking, ship date, arrange trailers,

Fumigation certificate issued by the Quarantine Bureau to allow entry into Australia with its wooden furniture; then the trailer pulls the cabinet to the wharf for storage, waiting for the date of departure

Customs declaration operation; sailing sea, across the sea; customs clearance to pay taxes, customs clearance can be delivered. Of course, the above process is my side to help you operate the whole process, you

What needs to be involved is to ship the items you need to our warehouse.

Note that if you need to fumigate the goods have wood packaging, export to Australia, there must be no bark, moth, moldy (green, mildew spots, etc.), wet water and so on

This happens because Australia is very strict with the environment and the goods are fumigated at normal furniture or wood packaging goods will not cause any damage.

How long does it take 2. ship furniture to Australia?

Guangzhou, Shenzhen as an example, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to voyage from Guangzhou, Shenzhen to Melbourne, Sydney is 12 days, to Brisbane voyage is about 19 days, customs clearance needs 5-7 work

day, plus 1-2 days delivery time, so from sailing start calculation is about 20-25 days arrival.

what information do 3. need to provide?

Provide list of goods (number of items, item name, unit price, total price), send and consignee information such as company offer business license (ABN) photo, personal offer ID card and

photo. of driving licence

First say so much, everybody needs can call, social app with me understand, I will tell you all I know!

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Simply shipping your favorite furniture to Australia in China by three operations

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