English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation and interpretation, translation, translation and interpretation, recognition of low-price dependence

Jingshi translation major engaged in Chinese and English two-way translation, interpretation services. The company interpreters are officially registered and certified by NAATI, with many years of translation experience, translation of 10W words (Chinese and English), interpretation of more than 500H. Interpreters strictly abide by professional ethics, with a high professional literacy, sincere service to customers. So far, it has served thousands of customers. At the same time, it also provides stable long-term translation services for a number of local lawer firms, accounting firms, immigration agents, real estate, venture capital firms, financial companies, multimedia companies and so on. At the same time, the documents translated by the company have also been approved by the Australian Highways Bureau, the Police Department, the Taxation Department, the Immigration Department and other government departments. Get the customer to give "professional", "value for money", "trustworthy" and other high evaluation!

``100%customer satisfaction;100%translation accuracy;100%on-time delivery rate'' is our goal.

Service items:

(1) all kinds of mainland, TW, issued in Chinese, such as: ID card, account book, birth certificate, death certificate, marry certificate, divorce certificate, education academic degree certificate, report card, no criminal certificate, etc.

(2) Document translation: bank water, hotel menu, work certificate, income certificate, bank water, business contract, publicity material, technical document, law document, medical document, company annual report, company introduction, academic essay, school application data, letter and other documents and documents

(3) Internet translation: website translation, web translation

Interpretation services: simultaneous interpretation and transmission.


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