Introduction ~ Australia's furniture is too expensive, teach you how to buy furniture cheaper ~

Australian furniture is too expensive. How much does it cost to bring furniture from Foshan to Melbourne at home?

If you need to ship furniture or other goods to Australia, please refer to the following procedure:

I. cargo shipping process (booking-trailer-loading-fumigation-customs declaration-shipping-customs clearance-customs inspection-delivery-handling of furniture-removal of garbage)

1. Confirm that the specific shipping time (specific to the date of the month) is for the customer to select the shipping company for booking (the departure time for different shipping companies is different, each ship company leaves every week).

2, ask the customer for a good address, confirm the loading time (specific to the date of the month, what time) arrange for the trailer driver to go to wharf to pick up the container in advance, arrive at the designated place on time and wait for the container to be loaded.

3, on the same day of packing, we contacted the staff of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to seal the log material with wooden frame / tray / wooden box packing, and wait to install the cabinet after sealing the seal. After packing the cabinet, the staff will send medicine to fumigate and then close the cabinet door and drag it to wharf.

(4) Customs declaration: in Guangzhou or Shenzhen, this operation requires only the guest to provide a list of goods (it is easier for individuals to declare their personal belongings / groceries / sensitivities at the export of Guangzhou). Therefore, customers from other provinces can carry the goods to Guangzhou or Shenzhen port after customs clearance.

5, after the customs release can be arranged on board, generally in Guangzhou after boarding the ship to Shenzhen or Hong Kong for transit, aboard the ship before departure to the destination. After a period of sailing (generally 13 to 20 days) the ship arrived at the port of destination with our staff arranged for customs clearance.

6. The customs will deliver the goods to the door after release. If the customer does not find a worker, we can also arrange a professional to follow the car to help unload the goods and assemble the furniture, and take away the waste packaging materials that have been dismantled for special disposal. Easy, convenient and quick.

Second, please contact me (call or add me QQ) to give you a specific quotation, as the price will vary with the monthly freight rise and fall, please understand.

III. Cautions

Meizhou shipping computer tables and chairs to Sydney, service to Australia seaborne

1. Some requirements for fumigation of wooden furniture:

(1) Wood packaging shall not carry bark, mildew or insect eyes.

(2) the fumigated goods must be shown in detail on the fumigation certificate

Note: there will be no damage to the goods after fumigation, there will be a bit of odour (normally it will dissipate in 5 days), and the customs will repatriate or destroy the goods without fumigation and impose a fine on the spot.

2. Tax calculation:

(1) details of Australia's import GST tax and tariff collection:

Import GST= (20USD/CBM) Insurance tariff x 10%

Tariff = rate x value of goods

(2) in particular, the Australian Customs and Excise Department stipulates that the original value of goods below 1000AUD is exempt from import GST duty, regardless of the value of the goods, starting from July 1, 2018,

All have to pay import GST tax.

3. Exemption conditions:

(I) holding an Australian green card and transporting furniture for the first time in five years

(2) the quantity of used goods is more than 80%, etc.

4. Services for the benefit of the people:

1, I have vehicles to provide Pearl River Delta door-to-door pick-up, provincial and foreign arrangements for long-distance transport. Bulk cartons, complete with customs clearance and delivery to any port city in Australia

2, customers can store the goods in our warehouse free of charge for one month, then arrange the packing after collecting the goods

3, insure your goods free of charge

4. New goods may be partly packaged free of charge or replaced by new packages.

5. Acceptance of goods on behalf of

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Australian furniture is too expensive. How much does it cost to bring furniture from Foshan to Melbourne at home?

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