A few simple ways to teach you how to ship restaurant supplies to Brisbane


When you want to order some restaurant supplies in china to ship to brisbane, do you often worry about how the goods are shipped, these items are either too big or too heavy, or easy to be damaged, if the factory arranged to ship, but the high cost is difficult for you to accept, after all, it is a second-hand price. Don't worry, we can help you out. We rely on our own business advantages in the shipping, air transport industry, according to the characteristics of your order items, for you to develop the transport operation process. For you to provide custom transport packaging, door-to-door pick-up, warehousing, customs declaration, transportation, customs clearance and other one-stop services. several simple ways to teach you how to ship restaurant supplies to brisbane by sea.

Delivery of freight service objects: the vast number of overseas study abroad, foreign in the Chinese, purchase, export manufacturers, Melbourne importers, Taobao transport and so on

Guangzhou professional freight to Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Freemantel shipping double clear closed door delivery service.


1. the whole country can pick up goods, our company and domestic logistics have stable cooperation, can door-to-door packaging, pick up goods to our Guangzhou warehouse, only charge oil. Can be in Taobao Jingdong and other shopping platform shopping sellers shipped to our warehouse. (We need to have our shipping mark when we deliver the goods. The shipping mark mainly distinguishes between the customer and the customer)

2. the goods to our warehouse, the warehouse tube check whether the outer is damaged, if any damage immediately contact the owner, whether need to arrange return. If there's no problem. Our warehouse will keep the goods together according to the shipping mark.

3. confirm that the goods have been all collected, if there are solid wood arrangement fumigation insecticidal, arrange trailer delivery to the door wharf, pay for customs declaration, take a five-open ship.

4. barge to Hong Kong on Friday and ship to Australia by sea. We purchase customs all risks for our customers, and we can get compensation if there is any accident in the transportation process.

5. the first three days of vessel to destination port, our australian colleague will submit material to custom clearance, so provide to australian customs clearance colleague.

II. Cost calculation

20 ft container; inner space 5.89 m x width 2.35 m x height 2.39 m maximum load weight 17.5 t maximum load volume 24-28 m

40 ft container; inner space length 11.89 m x width 2.35 m x height 2.39 m maximum load weight 22 tons maximum load volume 54 cubic meters

40 ft container; inner space length 11.89 m x width 2.35 m x height 2.69 m maximum load weight 22 tons maximum load volume 68 cubic meters

The shipping price of 20 feet and 40 feet cabinets from door-to-door to Brisbane, Australia, Zhongshan, China is unstable, and the shipping price is confirmed separately due to the uncertainty of shipping time for most guests.

Price confirmation conditions :1, specific address for loading ;2, list of goods ;3, specific address for delivery ;4, total volume of goods confirm container size

Note: the whole cabinet quotation is generally door-to-door quotation, the price includes double clear, port of departure miscellaneous charges, port of destination miscellaneous charges and sea freight and other expenses, excluding taxes and inspection fees, are generally accountable.

III. Points for attention

1. goods packaging: furniture or other valuable, fragile, afraid of pressure goods, please do a good transport packaging (wooden frame or box), avoid in the handling process caused by bumps, thus damage or scratch.

2. prohibited transport of goods: chemicals, food, liquid powder, dangerous goods, currency, gold, silver and jewelry, diamond hand ornaments, live objects and other international transport association (IATA) restricted items.

3. containing wood goods must be fumigated disinfection, insecticidal treatment. At the same time, wood packaging must not have bark, moldy, watermark, worm eyes. do fumigation treatment will not cause any impact on the goods.

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