What have you experienced in those years of international moving?


Australia's climate is pleasant, should be a lot of Chinese emigrants moved over there to settle down to live it! But what have you experienced in those years of international moving? Some say should have a lot of sad tears or full of complaints it! But some people move easily, just sit at home and wait for things to get to the door, do you have a lot of question mark on this? ??

In fact, moving by sea is very simple, as long as looking for the right logistics and transportation mode problem is not very big, Guangzhou delivery International Freight Agency Co., Ltd. is a logistics company that can let you move easily, contact Miss Chen, understand the content of international moving, simple moving from you and I contact start.

Chinese shipping move to Australia, whether to New Zealand Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, or to Australia Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast and so on can be sent to the door. The moving operation is simple as follows:

1. consultation: contact and consult miss chen, inform the specific transport of the goods name, number of pieces, volume, approximate weight and specific receiving address, according to the goods information you provide to determine the transport plan for you, give you a specific shipping quotation, the goods shipped ready and determine the need to ship the planned time, please contact 10 to 15 days in advance to confirm.

2. entrustment: according to the warehouse address and the shipping mark provided, the goods will be transported to our Guangzhou warehouse, and the contract will be signed in advance, the insurance declaration of the value of the heavy goods shipped, and we will provide the detailed list relevant customs clearance documents can be completed.

3. packaging: we will according to the goods, suggest whether the customer reinforced packaging, there are dozen support, wooden rack, wooden box, etc. (cost of work)

4. operations (customs declaration, inspection, booking, shipping arrangements, etc.)

To determine the shipping date, the port of departure operation generally takes 3-5 working days, please consult and handle the entrusted transportation in advance according to the specific circumstances of the consignment. After the packing is finished, we will handle the whole process of customs declaration, inspection, sea / air port operation, arrange sea or air transportation, issue transport documents and other related work.

5. port of destination

door to port transport, goods to the destination port, the consignee to pick up the goods on their own, we will provide you with advice and advice.

door to door transport, goods to the destination port, our long-term cooperation agent will contact you, and assist you to change orders, customs clearance, arrange delivery to the door.

How to choose a suitable transport plan?

After packing the goods, choose the appropriate mode of transport according to the quantity:

Volume = length X width X height (m)

When less than 15 cubic meters, it is recommended that bulk goods be shipped by sea, bulk consumption starts at one cubic meter, more than one cubic meter is charged according to the actual cubic meter, and the continued cubic cost will be much lower than the first cubic meter cost.

When more than 15 cubic meters, it is recommended to choose the whole cabinet transportation:

Small cabinet 20 GP: content product is 5.69 meters X2.13 meters X2.18 meters, distribution gross weight is generally 17.5 tons, volume is 24-26 cubic meters.

Large cabinet 40 HQ: content product is 11.8 meters X2.13 meters X2.65 meters, distribution gross weight is generally 22 tons, volume is cubic meters.

The content volume of 40 HQ: of high cabinet is 11.8 meters X2.13 X2.72 meters, the gross weight of distribution is generally 22 tons, and the volume is 68 cubic meters.

20 feet and 40 feet cabinets from China to move door-to-door to Australia sea price instability and due to most guests transport time uncertainty need to confirm the sea price separately.

Delivery logistics international move save money and effort, of course, moving is not anything from the country can be shipped to Australia's new home oh, the Australian Customs regulations, imported goods must not have: powder, liquid, battery, magnetic absorption, brand goods, imitation, drugs, fresh food, animals and plants and other national embargo things, some things should be abandoned or abandoned, not because of small losses, this is the biggest loss.

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