Cross-border shipping is not difficult, as long as you understand the information

Step 1: consignment consulting, confirm quot

1, confirm the mode of delivery you first need to determine the destination and city of the items you are shipping to, and determine the type of shipment you choose

(The consignment type is divided into the door to the port and the door to the door), because the sea freight is floating at different times, if you are the whole cabinet for transportation or mass transportation, you need to be in the expected item

Contact with sea mail at least seven days before shipment to determine the final cost (small shipment price fixed, large shipment price based on actual).

Step 2: luggage packing and carton mark making

Packaging is a very important factor that affects the quality of transportation. It can be finished by the shipper itself or commissioned by sea mail. The choice of packaging materials depends on the quality of the goods.

Objective to ensure the safe protection and support of the goods. Commonly used are wooden boxes, cartons, etc. Different countries have different requirements for wooden boxes, and some countries and regions require fumigation.

Countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., have strict requirements for unprocessed logs, or log packaging, and must fumigate in the country of origin and present recognition

The importing country can only accept the import of the goods by the fumigation certificate. Otherwise, a fine or return of the goods to the country of origin shall be imposed. It is recommended that goods shipped to the country should not use wooden boxes as far as possible in order to save money.

The EU countries have strict restrictions on the import of pine wood packaging, and the fumigation certificate is required when the goods are picked up. Therefore, it is recommended that cartons be used for packaging of goods shipped to EU countries.

Processed wooden furniture does not need to be fumigated.

Articles of common use in daily life such as books, clothing, utensils, etc., can be packed in strong cartons and preferably moisture-proof.

Fragile items are best filled with things to avoid damage.

Conditions allow for a layer of waterproof materials (e.g., plastic bags, cloth, etc.) in cartons.

In a box, light and light items should be placed in a reasonable mix for handling.

The box should be filled with fillers and filled with toilet paper, paper towels, small clothing, etc., so as to prevent the contents of the box from flipping and colliding with each other in the course of moving.

Electrical appliances, piano, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts, such as heavy or valuable, fragile items should be packed in wooden boxes and packed in order to prevent extrusion damage.

If there is an extra long, oversized package, booking must provide the exact length, width, height and weight of a single package.

The size and weight of a single package should be based on the convenience of manual handling. A good job after packing

Mark: print "box number and full name, telephone number and port of destination" on a blank sheet of paper, stick it firmly on the packing surface, preferably more than three sides, so as to

Other goods are distinguished.

Make a detailed list of all items contained in each package by sequence number. Just fill in the packing information form provided to you by the sea mail company.

Record each package of foreign ministers, wide, high, to facilitate the calculation of volume, as a basis for payment. The actual size is finally certified by the warehouse ruler.

Step 3: submit the information. Once you decide to ship the goods by sea, contact with sea mail at least ten days before the expected shipment.

Documents provided

Copy of passport, sea mail must hold a copy of your passport for customs clearance, about three working days.

Please also fill out the following documents with the assistance of the marine mail staff: private effects consignment order and packing list (fixed form will be given by the shipping company). The shipping agent sent someone to pick up the goods at home,

Check the number of your luggage, the sea mail will send your luggage to the Guangzhou warehouse, uniform baggage shipping, which will help your luggage more safely and smoothly through the customs.


A, not to be carried out of the following items

1. Counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities

2. Printed materials harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture, morality, manuscripts, film photographs, audio tapes, etc.

3. Precious cultural relics and cultural relics prohibited from leaving the country

4. Endangered and precious animals, plants (all of which contain specimens) and their seeds and reproductive materials.

B, the following items are limited when leaving the country

1. Gold and silver products shall not exceed 50 grams

2. Tobacco and alcohol shall not exceed the reasonable amount for self-use (1 / 2).

3. New Zealand's private goods must not contain any commercial goods (for retail), taxable goods (tobacco and alcoholic drinks) and any goods to be quarantined (such as food, meat and beverages, etc.).

Be prosecuted by local customs.

Step 4: booking customs declaration, baggage shipping

The sea mail company will handle the baggage booking and customs declaration according to the packing list information provided by you. After the customs clearance, the customs will be released, the docks will be loaded and transported, the sea shipping schedule will be shipped by liner, the shipping schedule will be stable, and the operation time will be stable.

Reliable, sea mail will inform you of the expected time of arrival at the port.

Step 5: handle bills of lading, pick up goods from abroad

If there is any change in the consignee's contact method, please notify the port freight forwarder's new contact channel listed in the bill of lading in advance to keep the consignee's contact channel open during this period. So can the consignee.

According to the agency data shown on the bill of lading, actively inquire about the arrival information of the goods on the arrival date of the ship.

Guide for pick-up of private goods at port of destination

A, if your goods are shipped by sea mail on behalf of the consignee, within 2 days before the arrival of the ship at the port of destination, the agent of the port of destination of the sea mail notifies the consignee that, as the party notified, the consignee shall, within 2 days before the arrival of the ship at the port of destination, inform the consignee that the consignee shall

Provide the correct means of communication that can be reached during the normal working day. At the same time, the consignee may, in accordance with the agency information shown in the bill of lading, actively check with the agent at the port of destination before the arrival of the ship.

Inquire about the arrival of the goods.

B, if the goods have been confirmed to have arrived in Hong Kong, the consignee may contact the sea mail agent to exchange the bill, pay the fee, and then the consignee may entrust the customs declaration bank to handle the customs clearance formalities at the local level, or may also entrust the consignee to do the customs clearance formalities.

The port of destination of the sea mail agent to handle.

C, if customs clearance is no longer within the scope of shipping by sea mail, the expenses incurred shall be settled separately with the consignee's entrusted unit. In the case of customs clearance falling within the agency area of the harbour under the sea post heading, the customs clearance fee and the customs clearance fee for the sea post item

Port agents settle separately.

D, after the goods have been cleared and the port-of-destination fees are paid to the shipping agent, the consignee may take the D / O form to the warehouse designated by the shipping agent to pick up the goods.

E, note that the port of destination passport must be consistent with the consignee marked in the bill of lading and prepare a detailed list of goods in English.

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