How to Enjoy Transport Service in Guangzhou Freight to Melbourne


Do you need custom furniture and door to door from Guangzhou, China to Melbourne, Australia? Do you need to know the whole process and procedure of shipping and the time limit? Are you still worried about the problem of the goods Shuangqing going to the customs in person?

Furniture's international sea especially sea and land transport, you need a both safe and provide quality service freight company to ensure your goods are safe and low cost from Guangzhou, China, door-to-door shipping furniture to Melbourne, Australia.

How to enjoy the transportation service in Guangzhou freight to Melbourne?

Contact Guangzhou to pick up the international freight Miss Chen (13922415084), for you to introduce the entire transport process in detail, to provide goods to door transport services, the whole process without your own worry.

Consultation: after the shipped items are ready and the planned time for shipment is determined, please contact and confirm 10 to 15 days in advance.

Entrustment: in advance contact entrustment, fragile goods, valuables to do a good packaging, we will provide detailed list template and related customs clearance documents can be completed.

packing: we will according to the goods, suggest the customer whether to reinforce the packing, there is a taster, a wooden rack, a wooden box and so on. (with cost of work)

Business operation: the port of departure operation generally takes 3-5 working days, please consult and handle the entrusted transportation matters in advance according to the specific conditions of the consignment items, after packing is completed, we will handle the whole process of customs declaration, inspection, sea / air port operation, arrange sea or air transportation, issue transport documents and other related work.

port of destination pick up: door to port transport, goods to the destination port, the consignee will pick up the goods on their own, we will provide you with advice and advice; door to door transport, goods to the destination port, our long-term cooperation agent will contact you, and assist you to change orders, customs clearance, arrange delivery to the door.

You only need to contact in advance to deliver the goods to the warehouse, provide cargo information and consignee information, pay freight, sit and wait for the receipt of goods, Shuangqing delivery and so on do not need you to worry about yourself.

The sea bulk cargo is fixed to open the cabinet every week Tuesday, Friday ship, about 25 days to the door; the whole cabinet according to the actual situation of the goods, arrange the fast ship date, generally Tuesday open the big ship, about 23 days to the door.

Cost of transportation to the door company unified quotation, the quotation includes China customs declaration fee, sea freight, fumigation fee, document fee, wharf fee, port of destination clearance fee, dispatch fee, the specific price depends on the quantity, nature, ship date, receiving address of the goods.

Note: the sea freight quotation does not include the import tax and fee of the port of destination, the customs inspection fee is accountable and the delivery does not include unloading. If you need other value-added services, such as unloading, moving into the home, installation, etc., you need to implement the specific fee standards.

Guangzhou Delivery International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is looking forward to shipping services from Guangzhou, China, shipping furniture, kitchen utensils, toys, lamps, hardware accessories, auto parts, clothes, bags, shoes, wardrobe, mattresses and other door-to-door to Melbourne, Australia.

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