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Transport furniture, bulk goods, all kinds of small goods, Taobao goods, personal effects, personal luggage to Australia

Then you are looking for the right person, I will help you to handle all the formalities, but also can deliver goods to the door!

All to Mr. Cai logistics (telephone /, to provide the best logistics transport program.

I. Transport port cities:


Adelaide,Perth, Gold Coast (The gold coast)

II. Transport processes:

1. Goods into the warehouse: customers can buy from the physical store or through the online shopping, after purchase through the domestic logistics distribution to our department warehouse.

2. Arrange the goods: after the goods have arrived, check the goods information according to the customer's goods list and order number.

3. Cargo out: according to shipping company's shipping schedule, arrange cargo loading, customs declaration, container export shipping.

4. The goods arrive at the port of destination: our company assists in all kinds of customs clearance documents and arranges for customs clearance.

5. Delivery: after customs release, call the recipient to book delivery time and deliver the goods to your home.

III. Transport programmes: selection of different transport programmes based on the number of goods:

1. According to the number of goods, the whole container is selected, and the sizes of the cabinets are as follows:

20GPP: can be loaded with 26-28 cubic meters;

40GPP: can hold 54 cubic meters;

40HQ: can hold 68 cubic meters;

2. Less cargo, you can choose to carton transport: container transport does not limit the number of goods, 1 cubic meter started, more than one cubic meter according to the actual square charge.

3. Our company is a unified quotation, the quotation includes Chinese customs declaration fee, sea freight, fumigation fee, document fee, wharf fee; Port of destination clearance fee, delivery fee;

Note: shipping quotation does not include port of destination import taxes and charges, customs inspection costs are reported, delivery does not include unloading.

Fourth, choose to cooperate with me, where are the advantages:

1. DDU door-to-door service: from all over China, arrange to receive, transport, delivery to your home, consignee does not need to bother, sit at home waiting to receive the goods.

2. With you can sign a transport agreement, law means to protect your rights and interests.

3. Freight can be paid, purchase freight insurance, let you more assured.

4. Value-added services can be provided, including unloading, moving into the home, furniture installation, garbage removal and so on.

5. According to the number of goods, information, to provide different logistics transport solutions, to save you international logistics costs.

Fifth, warm hint:

1. Package: furniture or other valuable, fragile, afraid of pressing the goods, please make a good transport packaging (wooden rack or wooden box) to avoid bumps in the handling process, thereby damaging or scratching.

2. Prohibited goods: chemicals, food, liquid powder, flammable and explosive dangerous goods, antiques, currencies, gold and silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, live goods and other items restricted by the International Transport Association (IATA).

3. Products containing wood must be fumigated, sterilized and insecticidal. At the same time, wood packaging must not have bark, moldy, watermarks, wormeyes. Fumigation will not have any effect on the goods, the gas will evaporate clean in about a week.

4. Application for tax exemption: according to customs regulations, foreign immigrants can apply for tax exemption only if they hold a visa, passport or green card for more than 6 months, and the first time within five years of entering the country to transport used goods (the term of use is more than 12 months). (specific to customs requirements of different countries)

5. Customs inspection: developed countries to import goods spot check, inquiry actual recipient information, inquiry customs declaration document declaration content. The consignor must faithfully declare the goods information, the value of the goods, and refuse to understate the goods. The sender can greatly reduce the probability of customs inspection by truthfully reporting the goods information.

6. We will assign warehouse number (mark: KM-G*) to each customer, independent warehouse number represents different customer cargo information. If there is no warehouse number or vague warehouse number, we will refuse to accept any goods that have not been entered into the warehouse or where the warehouse number is ambiguous.

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