China shipping to Australia, those transport operations that save you money


Delivery international sea freight professional engaged in China sea door-to-door to Australia to receive the address, our shipping line double clear door-to-door delivery, goods whether bulk transport or the whole container transport delivery logistics can provide one-stop-like freight services.

Those shipping operations that save you money:

First contact delivery logistics Miss Chen, provide the basic information of the goods (name, number of pieces, volume, weight, receiving address), Miss Chen will provide you with a favorable mode of transport suitable for your goods, to confirm the price of delivery to the door, to provide you with shipping marks and warehouse address.

Then you write or paste the shipping mark on the outer packing of the goods, deliver the goods to our Guangzhou warehouse, and provide the list of goods (including the name, number of pieces, price, consignee information); confirm the arrival of the goods and the delivery time, inform us to arrange the delivery.

Next, we arrange the goods loading, fumigation, customs declaration, sea transportation, customs clearance, commodity inspection, tax payment, cabinet removal, delivery and other transport operations.

Finally, you can only pay the freight, keep the contact information open, and wait for the goods to be signed.

Loading and shipping time at Australia's top five ports:

1. australia haizhiyun, sydney (SYDNEY), about 4 days after loading, sea time about 15 days.

2. Australia by sea, Melbourne (MELBOURNE), about 4 days after loading, about 15 days on the road sea time.

3. Australia by sea, Fremont (FREMANTLE), ship within 4 days after loading, sea time about 20 days.

4. Australia by sea, Brisbane (BRISBANE), about 4 days after loading, sea time about 16 days.

5. Australia by sea, Adelaide (ADELAIDE), about 4 days after loading, sea time about 18 days.

Overall door-to-door limitation:

Loading counter :1-2 days after loading in China, customs declaration usually takes one day, after customs declaration will arrange shipment

Maritime transport: about 15-20 days by sea

Customs clearance: Australia clearance time is generally 3 working days, no problem will be released

Delivery: Australian delivery is arranged very quickly ,2 working days to complete the delivery

Delivery Logistics Shipping Shuangqing refers to China's export declaration and Australia's import clearance. Consignees in Australia, whether Chinese or foreign, can buy goods from China and transport them to their homes without having to worry about them.

Those value-added services that save you money:

Free collection of goods, regardless of the number and size of the goods;

Free inspection of goods, fragile goods, household appliances can be opened for inspection;

Free box goods, small express delivery and other items can be integrated into large goods;

Free storage for one month, extra long free storage period, to provide you with sufficient stock time;

The bulk cargo is not suggested to be sent to our Guangzhou warehouse LCL export transport, other domestic port LCL shipping costs high and export procedures trouble, to provide more information. Guangzhou export declaration only need to provide detailed cargo information, consignee information, cargo list can.

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一, 我司在国内提供的免费仓库,         二,我们仓库到国内港口,

三,国内港口到澳洲港口,         四,澳洲港口到澳洲指定地址

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一, 我司在国内提供的免费仓库,         二,我们仓库到国内港口,

三,国内港口到澳洲港口,         四,澳洲港口到澳洲指定地址

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1. 沙发、床垫、钢琴、餐桌、藤椅、电视机柜、橱柜、化妆台等家具家私用品

2. 灯具,厨具卫浴等建筑装饰用品

3. 自行车、滑板车、独轮车以及玩具等

4. 电视机,手机配件等电器类

5. 建筑装修类材料

6. 凡属各地海关允许承运的物品皆可承运

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