When you transport your own furniture to Australia, you need to know these problems.

At present, more and more Chinese compatriots are returning home to buy furniture and ship it to Australia, because Australian furniture is all cold and cool, not to mention the style is simple, not to mention, it is still expensive, at first, I still think it is very simple, quite like Ok. However, after living for a long time, I feel that the home is always empty, not a trace of warmth, the air is cold, or miss the kind of mahogany furniture in China, with characteristics and styles. You can also comfort the homesickness in foreign countries, the point is, but also cheap and affordable.

However, immigrants have moved to Australia for a long time, and they do not know the current situation of the furniture industry in China. They do not know where to buy furniture, and there are no friends in the country to know each other. How to do? Buy it online, and you can't send it directly to Australia, only domestic logistics, how can this be done.

In fact, there are many freight forwarders who can receive and inspect the goods on behalf of their guests. TA is not just transportation. For example, you want to buy furniture in the domestic physical store, but do not know where the furniture is better, you can explain the situation with the freight forwarder company, TA will take you to the physical furniture store, know that you buy the furniture you like; Or if you want to online shopping some daily necessities and kitchen supplies to Australia together, you can also explain the situation with TA. TA will help you sign and receive all the items you buy online, including opening and checking the goods. When all your goods arrive, they will be shipped to Australia together.

During this period, you don't have to worry about storage fees at all, because some freight forwarders will provide free storage fees for a limited period of time, so that you can rest assured that you can purchase what you want at home and ship them to Australia together. You only need to cooperate with the freight company to provide relevant information, what other domestic cabinets, customs declaration, inspection, cargo on board the ship, transportation, arrival at the port of destination, customs clearance, delivery to home, These series of problems will be solved by TA. All you have to do is sit at home and wait for the goods to be received. You don't have to clear the customs at the port of destination by yourself, and then pick up the goods and get home.

The detailed process of door-to-door is described below:

1. The furniture is sent to the designated warehouse, and-2. The goods are arranged in the cabinet, and--3. The goods have wood to be fumigated,--4. export declaration

5. The goods arrived at the port-6. Sydney port of destination customs clearance-7. Pay tax-8. Customs release 9. Consign to customer warehouse / receiving point. 10. Sign for receipt.

# Note (NOTE) #

Step 3 the problem of fumigation of goods should not be underestimated. It must be approved by the Australian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

If it is not approved by the Australian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, it is necessary to do secondary fumigation in wharf, Australia, so that the cost is high.

The Australian Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine requires that all wood and wood products imported into Australia be inspected or that a valid certificate of fumigation prior to shipment is required to enter the country.

In addition to log and wood cutting, is the Australian Inspection and Quarantine Authority (AQIS) concerned about the inspection of wood products. Strict inspection, where fumigated goods have wood packaging, into our warehouse, there can be no bark, worm moths, mildew (green, mildew spots, etc.), water wet and so on.

The fourth step is the export declaration. Many private immigrants move goods without export documents.

Only through the operation of the customs declaration company to pay for customs declaration. Individuals can not operate export customs declaration.

Step 6 Sydney port of destination customs clearance, only Canada allows personal goods to be cleared by individuals, other countries have to find customs clearance companies to operate on their behalf.

After the cabinet arrives in Hong Kong, it has to pay the port wharf miscellaneous fee and the goods enter the customs formalities to declare, the customs will issue the customs bill (customs duty, etc.), after paying off, wait for the customs to release, can withdraw the cabinet.

? Introduction to container volume:

Small cabinet 20 feet: the inner volume is 5.5 meters x 2.3 meters x 2.18 meters, the gross weight of the goods is generally 18 tons, and the volume is 26 cubic meters. Large cabinet 40 feet: empty volume 11.8 m x 2.3 m x 2.72 m. The gross weight of the goods is generally 22 tons and the volume is 68 cubic meters. However, the volume, size and shape of the goods are different, and the actual loading volume may be smaller than the standard volume.

Conditions of duty-free transport in Australia:

a. First shipment to Australia within five years of migration

B, the goods are old goods that have been in use for more than one yea

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