One-stop custom version of Australian shipping service

One-stop custom version of Australian shipping service

99% of the Chinese do not know about the one-stop customized Australian shipping service, and we have developed a one-stop agency program that is very suitable for Chinese shipping goods. The process is simple enough to be more convenient than domestic express delivery, only need to send the goods to our domestic warehouse, and can be stored free of charge for 30 / 40 days, and then all the subsequent processes are represented by us, you just need to sit at home in Australia to receive the goods, and the whole process is efficient, the whole process only takes 20 / 25 days to receive the goods.

Our company adheres to the concept of "good faith management, high quality service", can customize the transportation scheme for you, and then quote according to the service you choose. International shipping, air transportation, you need a freight company that is not only safe, but also able to provide quality service for you, responsible for the safety of your goods, so that you can secure and secure transportation.

First, China-Australia has access to port cities:


Adelaide, Paz (Perth), Gold Coast (The gold coast)


Second, the shipping process:

Step 1: determine whether the goods can be transported and determine the packaging considerations. Both individuals and companies can receive the goods without the right to import and export. We all do it on our behalf.

Step 2: ship to our warehouse, determine the quantity and value of the goods, and provide a list of goods.

Step 3: complete the goods, arrange the shipment of cabinets, and inform the specific freight.

Step 4: wait at home to receive the goods, shipping is so simple, by our operation, to provide you with one-stop service.


The shipping cycle is about 22 ~ 24 days. After customs clearance, the destination will be sent to your designated receiving address. When receiving the goods, please confirm whether the goods are consistent with your shipment quantity and then sign for receipt. Communicate with us as soon as possible so as to negotiate and deal with the goods.

III. Transport programmes:

Choose different transportation schemes according to the number of goods

1. Whole cabinet transportation: according to the number of goods to select the cabinet type, respectively: 20GP/40GP/40HQ;

two. Bulk cargo transportation: carpool transport does not limit the number of goods, 1 cubic start


Fourth, our advantages.

1.DDU door-to-door service: domestic address delivery to your home, the consignee does not need to bother, sit at home waiting for the goods.

two. We can sign a transportation agreement with you to protect your rights and interests by law.

3. Freight can be paid, enough to buy freight insurance, so that you can rest assured.

4. Can provide value-added services, including unloading, moving into the home, furniture installation, take away garbage and so on.


V. Free services

Unpack and take pictures free of charge to check fragile products.

Free-of-charge collection and non-limited number of packages.

Free small package whole package (excluding wooden frame).

Free replacement inventory (free storage within a month).


Guangzhou warehouse, personnel management, 24 hours to ensure the safety of goods. Super long free warehouse lease. Adequate stock time. Provide one-stop service, as long as you deliver the goods to us, only provide packing list and warehouse order, from China export declaration to Australia door-to-door delivery, the whole process.

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