Kitchen furniture shipped by sea to Australia double clear door efficient


Guangzhou Delivery Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international freight forwarding enterprise, with a sound global transport network, delivery logistics based on the Guangzhou area, covering the Pearl River Delta South China. Special offer big china to australia melbourne, brisbane, perth, sydney (bulk and counter) sea freight transport services; whole container consignment, all documents, commodity inspection, tax, customs declaration ,(package clearance) one-stop service!

Shipping Notes:

First of all, to determine whether the goods can be shipped, and provide a list of goods (quantity, name, value)

Second, information is needed:

Personal/personal: Name of consignee, passport of consignee, address of consignee (must have zip code)

Company: company name, company address (must have zip code), company tax numbe

Operation of Kitchen Furniture by Sea to Australia:

1. can send goods that need to be shipped by sea to Guangzhou warehouse, the company can provide free collection, storage, acceptance services (if need to pack reinforcement will charge for packing materials)

2. the goods arrive, the shipping company will arrange the packing and consolidation, arrange the packing and confirm the loading.

3. shipping company is responsible for the whole process (customs declaration, release sailing, expected arrival time, agent clearance) sea voyage generally takes about 20 days, customs clearance after clearance

4. arrive at the port of destination, the goods are cleared by the agent of the shipping company, the cabinets are loaded and delivered to the door, and then signed.

Double clear to door effective:

1. bulk goods: fixed weekly tuesday open counter, friday ship; about 25 days to the door;

2. whole cabinet: according to the actual situation of the goods, arrange the fast shipping schedule, generally open the big ship on Tuesday, about 25 days to the door.

Import considerations:

1. scope of shipment: all goods permitted by local customs are carried.

2. do not carry the following items: cash, gold and silver diamond hand ornaments, national and local customs regulations, including flammable, explosive, dangerous goods all items not within the scope of air transport.

3. on volume calculation: based on volume, volume = length*width*height (m); heavy goods based on weight, length*width*height (m)/500KG = volume

4. goods name, value and other prohibited underreporting, if due to private issues customs withholding fines, we are not responsible.

5. bulk goods not in guangzhou suggested to send to our guangzhou warehouse lcl export transport, other domestic port lcl shipping costs and export reporting procedures are troublesome, to provide more information, guangzhou export declaration only need to provide detailed cargo information, consignee information, cargo manifest.

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