This is how new and old mixed furniture is shipped to Australia.

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Foreign furniture is generally very expensive, and the style is not so full, so, for new immigrants, it would be better to bring a set of furniture in the past. So, how to safely ship the new furniture bought in China to Australia? First, suitable status, personal effects can be transported as Australian residents, temporary Visa and permanent Visa holders of foreign residents, new immigrants, foreign students, diplomats and so on. What should we pay attention to in the course of transportation? Below, with my many years of personal effects transport experience has not been answered.

I. Old furniture can apply for duty exemption in Australia, but the consignee himself is required to answer questions at customs and the consignee is required to answer questions.

II. New furniture need to pay normal tax, just need you to sign a customs clearance power of attorney, give us the Australian agent can, do not need to go to the customs to answer questions.

Furniture, clothes, books and cutlery are all ordinary goods that can be transported.

But customs banned the transport of meat ingredients, plant seeds, lethal weapons, drug, liquid powder, and so on. Imitation or international brand goods need to be consulted separately.

Three. Freight flow

1: telephone consultation Queenie shipping costs, booking! Choose the shipping company according to the customer's demand, each ship company leaves once a week.

Ask me to take the warehouse address, mark the outer packing, deliver the goods to our warehouse, and send out the order after the goods have been collected.

Our company will arrange to install the cabinet, which is to be negotiated by the customer with our company.

4; after loading the cabinet, such as wooden rack, wooden box, wood material, need to be fumigated, (fumigation fee 920RMB)

The goods are usually paid for and exported, and we will arrange for customs declaration and release of the ship.

Upon arrival at the port of destination, the Secretary will arrange for customs clearance (in the name of the consignee)

After the customs release, our company will be able to deliver the goods to the guests, and if necessary, we can provide workers with arrangements to unload and assemble furniture to take away the rubbish.


Information required and to be done by the customer throughout the formalities: sign the manifest (booking), customer provides consignor information (copy of the individual supplied or photo, the company's offer license), Provide consignee information (personal copy of passport or photo etc., company ABN tax number)


four. Freight time

Guangzhou to Sydney, Australia, Melbourne is about 20 to 25 days

Guangzhou to Brisbane, Australia, for about 25 days

3: Guangzhou to Adelaide, Australia, for about 30 days

V. Matters needing attention

There can be no such things as politics, dangerous goods, such as: food (dry goods and meat), wine (alcohol, combustion), medicine (cold medicine can be, products and other drugs can not be alcohol). (1) there is no such thing as: food (dry goods and meat), wine (alcohol, combustion), medicine (cold medicine can, and other drugs not alcohol). In general, special items are consulted separately.

Second, private immigrants will enjoy the duty-free policy for moving old goods, and the customs inspection fee will also be increased. The cost is 2500 yuan per ticket of document personnel for bulk cargo. The whole box is calculated separately.

3, remember to emphasize that wood can not have bark and mildew.

VI. The following are the value-added services provided by our company

1, collect goods free of charge, no limit to the number of parcels. Warehouse collection available free of charge in January

2, for packing: sacks / free, cartons / free, wooden shelves / 200, wooden cases / 450

3, provide door-to-door pick-up of goods in the surrounding cities of Guangzhou, only charge for oil

4, if Australia needs to move goods to assemble furniture, according to 110AUD/h (3 people) real-time payment

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