Personal consignment to Australia, detailed procedures and tax details

The traditional port-to-port transportation mode can no longer meet the needs of customers, customers prefer to choose door-to-door one-stop freight mode, because our one-stop service makes customers more attentive, time-saving, labor-saving and money-saving.

Traditional shipping mode:

1. Shipping warehouse, do not support the collection! The formalities for entering the warehouse are complicated.

2. You need to apply for your own export document.

3. The shipment of private thrift goods is not supported.

4. Not familiar with the Australian customs operation process, do not know the scope of reasonable tax returns.

Door-to-door shipping service:

1. Simple formalities for warehousing

2. Simple customs clearance procedures

3. Support the shipment of personal immigration supplies, can handle personal thrift duty-free service on behalf of the consignee!

4. Operation of free trade tax-free mode between China and Australia GST imported from Australia

Operation process & cost includes: confirm the terms and conditions of chartering the ship, book the cabin, declare the customs on the SO, make the bill of lading, track the goods, clear the customs, make the delivery time, and the delivery time of the local truck is successful.

The detailed process is described below:

1) the consignor contacts our company to inform the goods information and the port of destination information, our company provides the high quality transportation mode and the quotation according to the goods condition, the moving mode, the route, the shipping date and so on information.

2) according to the transportation plan and quotation provided by our company to communicate, negotiate, confirm the cooperative order, sign the contract of carriage, confirm the goods, ship date and other information, we arrange for the goods to enter the warehouse within the agreed time.

3) according to the relevant information provided by our customers, we assist in the production of customs declaration documents such as packing list, to ensure the smooth release of customs declaration and the shipment of the goods as scheduled.

4)After arriving at the destination port, different foundation/value-added services shall be provided according to the contract, including customs clearance at the port of destination, delivery of goods to the door. Value-added service:unloading, moving into the home, dismantling the packing of goods, installing and placing articles, cleaning up garbage, etc.

5) after customer confirms receipt, investigate satisfaction, collect suggestions and opinions.

-details of Australian import GST tax and tariff collection:-

Import GST= (20USD/CBM) Insurance duties x 10 per cent

Tariff = tax rate (5% ≤ 10%, general goods are 5%) x value of goods

In particular, the Australian Customs stipulates that the value of the goods is lower than the 1000AUD can be exempted from import GST tax, customs duties and sea relationship charge 92AUD;

Note: import GST tax can apply for tax rebate. The consignee must provide (AUSTRALIA BUSINESS NUMBER) tax number before importing Australia in the name of the company. If you do not have this tax number, please contact our customer service staff to assist in the application (free of charge). The consignee can apply to government Australia for business income tax hedge or refund of import GST tax every month, quarterly or the end of each year.

* considerations *

(1) the old goods moved by private immigrants are entitled to a tax exemption policy, but the customs inspection fee for bulk goods will be increased by 2500 yuan. The whole box is calculated separately.

(2) if the above quotation is delivered to the door within 30 kilometers, the customs duty and GST tax of the unspecified port may be paid by our company on behalf of the customs duty and GST tax, and the commodity code and the value of the goods shall be provided.

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