Marine furniture to Australia to understand

As more and more people choose to emigrate with the development of economic, Australia is a multicultural country and also a very popular immigrant country for Chinese. But after the immigration faced a lot of problems, such as furniture, Australian furniture prices are higher, less style and so on. More and more people choose to ship furniture from home to Australia. Domestic furniture can not only be customized size, style, but also cheap price. As an international logistics shipper for many years to introduce the furniture to Australia process and attention. Headquartered in beautiful Melbourne, we also have moving, delivery, furniture installation, garbage cleaning and other business in Australia, interested in adding social app MYWLogistics. looking for a safe and reliable shipping export agent a safe and reliable company, its shipping price may be a little more expensive than other companies, but the export goods are simply to hope that the goods can safely reach the port of destination. So where to find a safe and reliable company? You can ask friends and relatives who often go to sea, browse the Internet, generally choose a more famous forwarder company, it is best to go to the enterprise information management platform to inquire about the company's registration, operation. 2. ask price, compare goods three, carry on the contract to choose the favorite professional sea freight forwarding company, contact the salesman, understand the company's price situation, public advantages and disadvantages and freight export process and matters needing attention. understand each cost in advance before booking, keep a final price to facilitate checking the cost later. 3. goods to warehouse, booking, provide information to send goods to forwarder's warehouse. Booking link forwarder company will help handle ,(to determine the shipping schedule, arrange trailers, ready to load;) and cargo owners generally only need to provide packing list and commercial invoices, individual areas need consignee documents, passport scanning or ID card scanning and other information. 4. loading, customs declaration, payment loading on board, the owner needs to provide information for customs declaration, check the sea waybill, wait for the goods to be shipped by sea two or three days after payment. 5. keep in touch with company personnel to track the destination of the goods and contact the forwarder company in time to understand the voyage of the goods by sea, so as to facilitate the tracking of the goods. 6. clearance of goods like goods by sea after the arrival of the port of destination customs clearance, unloading, also need cargo owners to provide clearance documents. After the customs clearance is completed, the cargo owner carries out the inland transportation of the port of destination according to the need, and some forwarder companies can provide the motorcade to help the transportation. The maritime export process ends when the cargo owner receives the goods safely. Warm tip: if there are glass, marble and other fragile products, please hit the tripod on the tray.

Kyushu international logistics professional provides shipping and air transportation services for China to Australia by sea and air. Including international shipping small collection, whole cabinet transport, air agent customs clearance, customs clearance and delivery door-to-door one-stop. Whether you are a domestic shopping Taobao Jingdong, purchase and transfer, migration, study abroad, labor work abroad, business abroad, export trade and other things need to be shipped; whether small or large can be. Professional service, beautiful price! Contact: Max social app ID: MYWLOGISTICS contact :0401504109/Fundline: 0061 3 9988 Mailbox: MYWLOGISTICS@HOTMAIL.COM website: WWW.MYWLOGISTICS.COM. AU.


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新移民、留学生家具家居国际搬家;淘宝、京东、阿里巴巴等网购的海淘集运装运,贸易公司贸易货物出口;建筑公司建筑材料、装修装饰材料、家具家居、餐馆装修装饰材料、家具、餐具、调料酱料、跨境电商海外仓FBA 末端派送都是我们服务客户涉及的行业。

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因为专注 所以专业 因为专业 所以信任
我们专注国际物流十几年,价格只会更低 海运的价格,空运的快捷,安全保障。
全程监控 认真态度 资深客服
海运大包、海运拼箱、空运、澳洲清关商检、搬家运输  ,根据货物的类型、体积、重量,我们将为您选择一条合适的、经济、安全的运输路线。

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