Chinese carton shipping furniture to Australia, you need to know the information

The sea container-to-door procedures are as follows:

1. Deliver the furniture to the designated warehouse,-2. Cargo arrangement for packing,-3. The goods have wood to arrange fumigation,-4. Export declaration

5. Cargo to port-6. Sydney Port of destination-7. Tax-8. Customs release-9. Consignment to customer warehouse / consignment point.-10. Sign.

The third step of the cargo fumigation problem should not be underestimated, certain operations approved by the Australian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

If it is not approved by the Australian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, it is necessary to do a second fumigation in wharf, Australia, so that the cost is high.

The Australian Inspection and Quarantine Agency requires the inspection of all imported wood and wood products to be subject to inspection or to produce a valid certificate of fumigation prior to shipment.

In addition to logs and wood cutting, whether the Australian Inspection and Quarantine Service (AQIS) is concerned about the inspection of wood products. China inspection, where the need for fumigation of goods have wood packaging, into our warehouse, can not have bark, insect moths, mildew (green, mildew spots, etc.), water and moisture.

Step 4 is the issue of export declaration, many private migrants moving goods are without export documents.

Only through customs declaration company operation to buy customs declaration. An individual cannot operate an export declaration.

Step 6. Sydney Port of destination clearance, only Canada allows personal effects to be carried out by individuals, and other countries need to find customs clearance companies on their behalf.

When the cupboard arrives in Hong Kong, it will pay the wharf miscellaneous charges and declare the cargo entry formalities. The customs will issue customs bills (customs duties, etc.) and wait for the customs to release them after they have been paid up, so that they can pick up the cabinets.

# thoughtful way of service #

Safety and security, zero risk of goods:

Good relationship with regional customs, law firms, etc. To ensure smooth customs clearance, fast and safe arrival of the destination, zero risk.

Transport time-effectiveness is fast and stable:

International cargo is committed to providing a one-stop import and export logistics line for you to save every minute. The company through to the dedicated line perfect management system, the advanced logistics equipment, the transportation time limit is more stable and fast.

Full track of goods:

From the date of shipment, each ticket can inquire about the transport status of the goods according to the transport order number provided, Yangcheng protects the goods of each customer, tracks the whole process, and the movement of the goods can be inquired on the Internet, or by telephone or QQ. Keep you abreast of the transportation of goods at all times.

More countries: China to Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Canada, the United States, Malaysia, etc.

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国际物流为您提供广州到澳大利亚海运 (门到门 双清关 包派送)商品海运 移民搬家 家具海运 家私海运 私人物品海运,为你提供门到门一条龙服务。


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国际物流为您提供广州到澳大利亚海运 (门到门 双清关 包派送)商品海运 移民搬家 家具海运 家私海运 私人物品海运,为你提供门到门一条龙服务。


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拼箱-散货-整柜子 门到门服务 这是中国新干线,也带给了大家方便的运输需求 摆脱了清关麻烦的困扰。 

在中国您交货给我们后,后续的工作我们物流一手包办,澳洲各城市都有我的分支点,悉尼 墨尔本 布里斯班 阿德来德 货物直接派送到您家里。

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在中国您交货给我们后,后续的工作我们物流一手包办,澳洲各城市都有我的分支点,悉尼 墨尔本 布里斯班 阿德来德 货物直接派送到您家里。


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海运双清到门服务客户只须要供给货物明细和收发人材料就可以, 我们将随时恭候你的来电,把好的服务提供给每位有需求的客户。中国到澳大利亚海运,(悉尼,堪培拉,墨尔本,珀斯,布里斯班,阿德莱德,黄金海岸等海运双清到门)新出了令人心动的价格,帮您清关,帮您送货上门。

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