Share some of my experiences in Australia ~

I'd like to know the logistics company from Guangzhou to Australia because I don't know the experience of shipping furniture from Foshan to Melbourne, Australia. I'd like to know how much is charged for shipping from Guangzhou to Melbourne, Australia. So I saw a guy's wx:Autumn-Hop. in a group. So he added the boy's detailed understanding of Guangzhou Foshan's experience of shipping furniture to Melbourne, Australia, and then in Melbourne, Australia, he was also very concerned about the good and cheap Taobao items, clothes, children's scooters, books, and schoolbags on the Internet. Television, kitchen utensils and so on all want to buy through the Internet and then sea to Melbourne.

After the introduction of the young man, I made clear the quotation, the requirements of wooden furniture packaging (tea table dozen wooden boxes and wooden racks), and then the wooden rack could not have bark and moldy phenomenon, otherwise, there would be high warehouse rentals. And in Melbourne, Australia, there will be an overweight delivery fee of more than 60 kg per piece, as long as the GST, customs system fee and A quarantine fee are paid, then unloaded, and then the boy has offered me the services to unload and move into the home to unpack.

So I also struggled for a long time whether to ship it or not, because before I heard friends say that the hole in international freight was too deep, and in case I found something bad, I was cheated, so the young man gave their company a business license, and there were companies in Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen. The strength is better, once there were friends in the social app group complaining about the experience of international logistics companies, and after I checked the company, then social app contacted the boy and booked the cabin to the young man, so he gave the address, the phone number, The shipping marks (that is, on behalf of my goods, that is, there will be no confusion), the company of the young man still has a company in Australia. So I shipped furniture from Shundele to Melbourne, Australia, and online shopping to Sydney. Hehe, in fact, I am also careful that this shipment will not be confused, the boy said no, after entering the warehouse will receive e-mail and the goods photo. So I passed 15 days of collecting furniture, clothes, piano, and so on. The young man let me provide the shipping factory business license, my passport, and we in the online purchase list filled out and sent to them, we buy furniture shipping to Australia, do not want to be simple, formal formalities can only be trusted!

January 3, last year, after the goods, January 4, cargo 26 arrived at port, and then on February 1 received the goods.

This business is good for communication.

You'd better get the goods. All good.

Inside is the picture of cargo packing, more than 30 cubic meters being shipped to Melbourne, Australia

Thank you very much for the safe arrival of my goods. After this journey from domestic shipping furniture to Australia's Melbourne to the door, and later from domestic Taobao furniture to Melbourne, Australia.

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