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Many guests call furniture private transport matters, the following are some of the international shipping general goods brief introduction, hope to help you.

Qiyun Wanbang International Logistics Co. Ltd. specializes in China and Australia shipping, air logistics services. Including the international shipping small collection, the whole cabinet container transport, air agent customs clearance and delivery door-to-door service. whether you are in the domestic Taobao Jingdong shopping, purchase and transfer, transfer, study abroad / labor / business / trade and so on to send things; or immigration move, custom house furniture transport, we can introduce and help you to introduce the professional international logistics how to operate.

China to Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Admaud Shipping, Air Line

(1) Shipping services

China Guangzhou warehouse export to Australia to arrange all export procedures: collection of goods, on behalf of finishing, on behalf of packaging, loading, export, customs clearance and customs clearance, Australia ports clearance and delivery;

(2) Entry requirements

Please fill in the address and mark the goods in strict accordance with the warehouse code provided by us before shipping the goods to our warehouse. Then we can provide the list of goods and the information of the sender and receiver.

(3) Australia statute of limitations

Shipping: Melbourne, Australia, fixed weekly loading to the door fast (from loading to Australia about 22 days to the door);

(4) Calculation method

Shipping: according to the volume of the goods cubic meters (length x width x height = cubic number),1 cubic limit weight 500 kg, during the transport of international shipping, customs declaration, customs clearance, delivery and so on. Advice is welcome.

(5) Delivery scope

in sydney, melbourne, brisbane, adelaide, pers, shipper please provide delivery details address and cargo list for confirmation of pick up and delivery etc.

(6) Packing method

fragile items please make a triple board wooden case, wood products or log wood packing need fumigation.

(7) Direct cities:

Sydney (SYDNEY), Melbourne (MELBOURNE), Perth (PERTH), Brisbane (BRISBANE)

Adelaide (ADELAIDE)

(9) Goods transported

1. Sofa, mattress, piano, dining table, rattan chair, TV cabinet, cabinet, dressing table and other furniture personal effects

2. lamps, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware and other architectural decoration supplies

3. bicycles, scooters, unicycles, toys, etc.

4. TV sets, cell phone accessories, etc.

5. Building decoration materials

(10) Goods not transportable:

For goods prohibited from transportation by the Customs for commodity inspection, the goods restricted by the Customs for commodity inspection may apply for an import license in advance.

(11) Matters needing attention in general cargo transport:

It is generally recommended that the supplier or the manufacturer mark each item on the warehouse number (shipping mark) that we give, so as to facilitate our warehouse to count and distinguish the goods.

2. For the safety of the goods, most of the furniture traders will make wooden frames or wooden cases. Because the goods are transported between countries and the environment of Australia is strictly protected, it is necessary to inform the manufacturers not to use the wooden racks or wooden cases with moldy, worm-eye or bark to avoid unnecessary problems and expenses;

3. consignment of furniture goods, will inevitably be shipped some marble and other fragile goods, it is recommended that manufacturers put on pallets, wooden boxes, and adequate packaging;

All the wood products exported to Australia need to be fumigated, and this part of our domestic warehouse will do the fumigation work strictly according to the customs clearance requirements;

5. last note is that all items need to be properly kept good shopping vouchers, the value of goods can not be falsely reported or understated, resulting in goods can not be cleared smoothly or caused losses, need to be borne by the guests themselves.

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