Milk Tea Raw Milk Tea Equipment Shipping What customs clearance process can be shared in Melbourne, Australia

The magic year of 2020 is bound to trigger a new wave of immigration craze, Australia as a of immigration countries, there will be a lot of immigration needs.

Then there will be a huge increase in chain demand, such as how to buy furniture and appliances at home and ship them to new Australian homes, such as in major Australian cities

Open milk tea shop, hot pot shop how to sea food raw materials, such as a variety of entertainment places, secret rooms, Internet cafes and so on how to sea equipment. None of this

There is often a need to purchase all kinds of goods in the country to transport to Australia. As an 8-year experience in shipping, I would like to give you a look at the domestic shipping furniture,

Food materials, equipment and other large items need to pay attention to all aspects and process costs.

First of all, for regular items, we call general goods, that is, equipment, packaging, such as extraction tea machine, electric hot pot, work bar, cash register, milk tea cup,

Take-out boxes, display cabinets and so on, that is, non-food items, relatively simple process, only need the main good items packaging, such as wooden packaging such as wooden shelves,

Wooden boxes and so on need to use clean no bark without eggs can be. Other no special requirements, do not need a variety of business certification, etc.


As for food items, such as milk tea powder, hot pot base and so on, it is necessary to prepare each product name of the composition list, production process, and signature and seal before customs clearance. Large

If you need to add my tracyde social app number, I can send a template for you to refer to, need to pay special attention to the material containing animal ingredients can not enter,

There are also milk ingredients materials need to confirm the content of less than a percentage to apply for customs clearance. Food materials need to be more careful, accidentally may not be able to clear customs,

It'll be very troublesome. If you have any questions, you can call Mr. Lin at 13450558634.


After all, let's talk about the shipping process, the overall transport is domestic transport to Australia designated address, which is divided into four sections of transport,

First, our free warehouse in China, second, our warehouse to the domestic port,

3. Domestic port to Australian port ,4. Designated address for Australian port to Australia

Step one, domestic to our warehouse,

a, goods in Guangzhou Pearl River Delta, we can arrange truck door pick up goods to our company warehouse

b, goods in other provinces, can be shipped to our company through domestic logistics, domestic logistics companies we can provide contact information.

c, shop online, we can directly write our warehouse address to receive the goods, sent to our company, by our transfer to Australia,

d, if the whole container is transported to Australia, the goods are in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong, and can be loaded directly to the designated place

Second, our warehouse to the domestic port,

a, your goods are collected, we pack the goods that need to be packed, can be carton, wooden box, wooden frame, wooden packing.

b, I'll negotiate with you about the shipping time, we' ll book the shipping space with the shipping company, the shipping company will ship to Australia on a Monday, loading on Monday, sailing on Friday, we'll pull the cargo to the port on Monday,

Domestic port to Australian port,

a, to the port, if there are solid wood goods or log packaging need to do fumigation treatment, fumigation is mainly insecticidal eggs, otherwise can not import Australia.

b, pay customs declaration can also document customs declaration, customs clearance after shipment, sea to the Australian port,

Four, Australian port to Australia designated address,

a, in Australian port I will arrange Australian colleague with ocean bill of lading, cargo list, consignee certificate of identification to custom clearance,

b, if customers pay their own taxes, Australian colleagues provide tax forms to customers to pay their own taxes at the customs, we can also pay taxes on our behalf.

c, complete customs clearance procedures, arrange car delivery to the door, goods to the door, can also arrange to unload, move into the home, assembly, take away garbage, can also arrange their own.


Then there's the charge

1. Guangzhou to Melbourne, Sydney 2300 renewal 900

2, Guangzhou to Brisbane front 2400 renewal 900

3, Guangzhou-Pas first 2700 renewals 1000

4, Guangzhou to Adelaide first 2800 renewals 1100

The freight rate is calculated in cubic meters by sea bulk LCL, bulk LCL cost algorithm :(suitable for less than 20 cubic meters 20 cubic meters, more goods suggested to go the whole cabinet) cargo cubic calculation length (M)* width (M)* height (M)= cubic meters

If there are five shipments to Melbourne as follows ,2300 900*(5-1)=5900

If the goods are more, they need to be shipped by sea. Please call Mr. Lin 13450558634

quotation service from guangzhou warehouse to australia door, excluding the cost of the following, australia import tax, solid wood need fumigation fee, encounter customs inspection fee.

Third, contact information

Contact person; Mr. Lin contact number :13450558634

social app /QQ;729683977 mailbox ;[email protected]

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