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I. Chinese to Australian sea containers are charged in two ways:

1. Bulk (less than one container of goods to be shipped, when LCL bulk is required):

What is LCL? It means that the carrier (or agent) accepts the small bill of goods consigned by the consignor for less than the whole cabinet (box), and classifies the goods according to the nature of the goods and the destination. The principle of assembling goods to the same destination into a certain number of containers is similar to carpooling.

LCL can be divided into direct or transshipment, direct LCL means that the goods in the LCL container are loaded and unloaded at the same port without unpacking before the goods arrive at the port of destination, that is, the goods are the same port of discharge; goods are the same port of discharge; this kind of LCL service is short, convenient and fast, and LCL companies will provide only such services.

Re-assembly refers to the container is not the same port of destination of goods, need to unpack in the middle of the unloading or transshipment; generally do not recommend re-assembly, the number of operations to increase the shortage of goods damage or long transport time and other disadvantages

2. full container (full cargo, can be filled with one container,) The following are the dimensions of the container:

15-25 cubic metres,20 feet container;(20GP:5.898 x 2.352 x 2.385M)

25-55 cubic metres,40ft container;(40GP:12.032 x 2.352 x 2.385M)

55-65 cubic meters, can walk 40 feet super high box. (40HQ:120.32 x 2352 x 2.69M)

The volume of ordinary goods is about 15 cubic meters, you can choose bulk LCL. estimate your own goods, see how much volume, do different shipping plan.

Container links include China trailer, customs declaration, sea, port of destination wharf, customs clearance fees, delivery fees (logistics companies usually do not include China counter fees, if the customs counter, according to the customs invoice accountable)

II. Advice on China-Australia Sea Freight (details):

There are many people asking how to calculate the goods going to Australia

A: Please provide a detailed address for that area of Australia, what kind of goods, how many goods (approximate volume: cubic meters), by sea or by air, and provide the information the logistics company can give the exact price.

Counter goods, generally each logistics company has its own rate table; the whole cabinet due to sea freight fluctuations, generally need to consult separately, even long-term cooperation customers will be adjusted according to the cycle. In Australia, if there is a strict cost of fumigation of log materials, all wood materials must be made of no bark, insect eyes, moldy and other materials, no fumigation package (three boards, fiberboard, etc.) inside and outside must not have log material packaging.

2. What information is needed?

A: Shipper need to provide cargo list (item number, item name, unit price, total price), shipper and consignee information, such as consignee provide business license for company (ABN) photo, consignee personally provide a certificate of identification: driver license, passport photo, etc. Then other things are done by the logistics company, and the sea is sitting at home like a courier waiting to receive the goods.

If the customer is unable to clear the goods for any other reason, such as understating the value of the goods, misstating or concealing the goods, the documents are not uniform, all the consequences will be borne by the consignor and the logistics company will not bear any responsibility.

How much 3. import excise tax and duty, approximate calculation method is?

A: GST=(value of goods) Insurance sea freight (sea freight) X10% AUD192 government charge, according to the tax bill accountable; Duty (customs duty) since 2016, China and Australia signed a FTA, the origin of China, issued a certificate of origin (logistics companies are paid to provide), about 90% of the goods can enjoy tariff relief.

General procedure for the 4. of the whole maritime carriage by sea

A: is basically consulting logistics company full cost, by logistics company booking and other matters;

B: Ask the logistics company for the address of the warehouse, mark the outer packing and deliver the goods to the designated shipping warehouse.

C: loading, customs declaration, release ship, expected arrival time, Australia customs clearance, door-to-door delivery, sign for!

III. China Shipping to Australia;

1. first buy goods receiving address to write logistics warehouse address, must inform the seller to write on the goods outer packing, because the logistics company warehouse has a lot of goods every day, the entry number is the sign that distinguishes your goods, each customer enters the warehouse number is unique.

After the goods arrive at the logistics warehouse, the logistics company will tell you the status of the goods to the warehouse. General logistics warehouse provides free 20~30 days storage period to facilitate customers to purchase goods.

3. wait for your goods to arrive, give logistics company list, logistics company will generally give you list version, according to the template filled out to send logistics can. then the logistics company arrange the loading and shipping to australia. All domestic operations by domestic warehouse operation, usually from the container from the sea to Australia generally about 22 days delivery to the door. After the goods arrive at the Australian destination, the logistics company will clear your goods, and will contact you to make an appointment for delivery after the customs clearance.

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