Who should I ask for help in moving to Australia furniture and articles?

I bought home belongings in Taobao and shipped them to Australia. How do you do that?

International shipping, air transportation, you need a safe, but also can provide high-quality service freight company, to ensure that your goods will not be thrown at will, uncluttered, safe transportation to foreign countries. We operate in good faith to provide you with high quality

Service, responsible for the safety of your goods, so that you can safely transport.

Our company adheres to the concept of "good faith management, serving high quality".

You can tailor-made transportation scheme, and then according to your choice of services to quote, price discount, volume is superior. Remember: great quantity congenial excellent oh! Kiss!

Shipping proc

The first step: first to the customer service to determine whether the goods can be transported, and to determine packaging considerations. Both individuals and companies can receive goods without import and export rights, and we complete them all on behalf of us.

Step 2: ship to our warehouse, determine the quantity and value of the goods, provide the list of goods in our company, the list template is provided by our company (name, price, quantity, consignee information of the goods in the packing list), Address must be filled in

Correct) In addition to submit a certificate of identification scan copy (local ID card or driver's license, etc.), fill in the authorization letter and scan for electronic version back (template provided by our company).

Step 3: complete the goods, arrange container shipment, and inform the specific freight. The shipping cycle is 22-24 days or so. After customs clearance is completed, the destination will be sent to you to specify the receiving address. Please confirm when receiving the goods that the goods are with the quantity of your shipment.

To sign again, communicate with us as soon as possible, so that we can negotiate and deal with it.

Step 4: shipping is so simple, by our operation, for you to provide one-stop service. First-class service, first-class safe transportation, so that you can rest assured, at ease, but also worry!-

[经] free service

Take pictures of fragile goods free of charge.

Free consignment-unlimited number of parcels.

Free small package full large package (excluding wooden rack).

Free replacement inventory (free storage within a month).

Export advantage goods

Furniture, luggage, mattresses, utensils, decorative paintings, large machines, curtains, carpets, upholstery materials, bicycles, household appliances, clothes, shoes, bags, luggage, toys, etc.

Sea transport mode

First, China-Australia can reach the port city:


Adelaide, Paz, (Perth), Gold Coast, (The gold coast).

II. Transport programmes:

Choose different transport schemes according to the number of goods

1. Whole cabinet transport: according to the number of goods to select the cabinet type, respectively: 20GP/40GP/40HQ;

2. Bulk transport: container transport does not limit the number of goods, 1 cubic start.

Our advantage.

1.DDU door-to-door service: domestic address delivery to your home, consignee does not need to bother, sitting at home waiting to receive the goods.

2. With you can sign a transport agreement, law means to protect your rights and interests.

3. Freight can be paid, enough to buy freight insurance, let you more assured.

4. Value-added services can be provided, including unloading, moving into the home, furniture installation, garbage removal and so on.

I bought home belongings in Taobao and shipped them to Australia. How do you do that?

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