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Mornington Peninsula

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Australia - Victoria
Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia


Located in southern Victoria, Mornington Peninsula is an antennae of the Victorian capital Melbourne extending southeast to the sea, connected to mainland in the north of the peninsula and (Western Port Bay), in the west to the east of (Port Phillip Bay), at Philip Bay To the south is the vast Straits of Bath, (Bass Strait).

Mornington Peninsula, picturesque and lush, is one of the most important areas of the Melbourne people's marine leisure life. Whether it is the ocean scenery, sports or food, drink and play, are very rich and developed. At the southwestern end of the peninsula, Solento (Sorrento) has a connection between ferry and Queenscliff (Queenscliff) in (Bellarine Peninsula), Belindra, from which many tourists choose to go to Dayang Road, (Great Ocean Road). Mornington Peninsula has dozens of small towns, beautiful scenery, rich tourism and outdoor resources.


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