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Australia Day

Introduction of Australia Day

26 January is the official Australian National Day, known as Australia Day (Australia Day), which is a national holiday in all Australian states (except New South Wales ,26 January, or the first Monday after 26 January).

On May 13,1787, under the leadership of Captain Arthur Philip (Arthur Philip),11 ships of the Royal Navy First Fleet (The First Fleet), carrying more than 700 prisoners and 700 mariners, Royal Navy personnel and family members, set sail from England. After eight months of sailing on the sea, they sailed into Jackson Harbour (now Sydney Harbour) on January 26,1788, and raised the British flag at the port, declaring that the Australian mainland had officially become a colony of the British Empire from that day, and that day they landed as Australia Day..

Australia Day for most australians a beer, barbecue and beach day, many families will put on the australian flag, stores will display a variety of national day goods, there are also colorful celebrations in various places, the whole of australia seems to enjoy the country.

But behind the cheers, the "legitimacy" controversy that has characterized Australia's National Day on January 26 in recent years may have been a new beginning and a place to take root for Britons landing in the new mainland; but for Aborigines, it represents the invasion of their land by whites, the inhuman treatment they have suffered for more than 200 years, a painful preface, so today, the "Australian Day ", a joyous day for most Australians, is a day of renewal and pain in the eyes of the Aborigines; As a result, on this day of the year, celebratory crowds and protest voices often appear on the streets and in the media.

The controversy is controversial, however. At least for now, january 26th is still the official national day, and australia's government has not yet revised its national day plans. Celebrations such as parade 、 revelry and fireworks will still be staged in major cities, showing the vitality of australia's young country.

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