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Introduction of Easter

Easter, also known as the main Easter Day, is a national Australian holiday, and all Australian states make Easter public holiday.

Easter is one of the most significant Christian festivals and is even more important in religious sense than Christmas (Christmas). On the third day, after Jusus was crucified between 30 and 33 A.D., his body came back from death, Easter hence his name, symbolizing rebirth and hope, and yearning for a better future.

Easter is the first Sunday after the full Spring Equinox, also known as the Easter Day (Easter Day). Historians have calculated, based on the dates of the Passover of Bible 》 and Advanced Israelis, that the first Sunday after the full Spring Equinox is the day of Jusus resurrection in the Book of Spring Equinox annual Spring Equinox Day is not fixed, the exact date of the Easter is uncertain, but roughly between March 22 and April 25 of each year.

Eggs and rabbits are the most important symbols of Easter, rabbits are the symbol of fertility and vitality, while eggs are the symbol of the early spring to wake up, and it is also said that eggs are the gift Easter these naughty rabbits, they often hide the eggs in secret places to bring surprise and happiness, which is also the origin of the "Easter eggs" allusion. In fact, these folk customs do not actually come from Christianity, but who cares? In western countries, since christmas, chocolate eggs and rabbit-shaped candies with all kinds of patterns and faces have been put on store shelves. Like christmas trees and halloween grimaces, people are competing to buy them. Just like chinese spring festival firecrackers and couplets, they have become an important part of western culture.

Like many western countries where christianity is the dominant religion, australia places Easter as a national holiday, Australians usually start to look forward to Easter after christmas. Although religion is less important to them than the ancients, the arrival of Easter means holidays, breaks, parties and revelry, which no one does not.

Easter holiday in Australia usually begins on the last Friday before Easter day and lasts until Tuesday after that day, when each day has its own name. The most important of Australia's national holidays are Friday, Good Friday, and Monday, Easter Monday, which are public holidays in all Australian states, especially Friday (Good Friday), which is restricted nationwide, meaning that most stores, except gas stations, pharmacies, etc., are closed on this day, including supermarkets and shopping malls; as to whether the rest of the days outside Friday and Monday are public holidays, because Australia is a federal state and each state has certain autonomy, each state has different rules.

A list of Easter holidays in Australia:

datename (of a thing or organization)Public holidays
Fri ( Friday )Good Fridaynationwide
Sat(Saturday)Easter Saturday / Holy SaturdayNational (except Tata and WA)
weekdayEaster Sunday / Easter DayNew Länder, Virginia, Queensland, Capital Territory
MondayEaster Mondaynationwide
TuesdayEaster TuesdayTata State

Easter (Easter Sunday) dates in recent years:

(指某一年) a particular yeadate
201716 April
20181 April
201921 April
202012 April
20214 April
202217 April

Highlights Easter Celebrations in Australia:

placeName of celebration
SydneySydney Royal Carnival (Sydney Royal Easter Show)
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