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Anzac Day

Introduction of Anzac Day

Anzac Day is Australia's national holiday, and all Australian states designate Anzac Day as a public holiday.

On April 25, Anzac Day, is one of the most important anniversaries in Australia and New Zealand, marking the day of the Australian and New Zealand Joint Legion (Anzac:Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) soldiers who died in the Battle of Garipoli. In both countries it is a public holiday.

On April 25, 1915, the Allied British and French forces who were in the middle of World War I landed in (The Gallipoli peninsula, in the Ottoman Empire, Garipoli Peninsula, now in Turkey. As the pioneers of the Australian and New Zealand Legion, most of the soldiers did not receive night landing training, and in addition to knowing nothing about the terrain of the peninsula, they landed wrongly in an unknown bay north of the target (later named the Australian and New Zealand Legion Bay Anzac Cove),). The Australian and New Zealand Legion's expected beaches and slopes turned unexpectedly into the bottom of a cliff, putting the small number of Ottoman defenses in a favorable position. As the Australian-New Zealand Legion tried to gain a foothold, it found there was no possibility of attack. After eight months of stalemate, the Australian-New Zealand Legion eventually retreated, killing 8709 soldiers. The Australian and New Zealand Legion is known for its tenacious fighting. During World War I, 10 percent of New Zealand's population (at that time New Zealand's population was about 1 million) participated in the war overseas, and it was among all the countries involved in the first World War. (B) the countries with the highest mortality rates by proportion of the population; Australia, on the other hand, has the highest casualty rate in the Battle of Garipoli. Since then, April 25 has been designated as the anniversary by Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries, especially in Australia and New Zealand. This anniversary has been engraved into the hearts of every Australian, and even in the hearts of many, the meaning of the festival has long exceeded the landing of the first fleet in Sydney Port in 1788 and the founding of Australia in 1901. This has become what Australians call Memorial Day: 8709 killed and 19441 wounded, compared with 5 million of Australia's population at the time, meaning that one in 20 Australians gave their blood and even their lives to that end.

Anzac Day

The Australian and New Zealand Legion landed on the Galipoli Peninsula.

There will be war monuments in almost every town and region of Australia in memory of war veterans who died for the country, engraved with the names of the dead soldiers and the names of those who returned home after the war. (Australian War Memorial), the Australian National War Memorial in the capital Canberra, is one of the most solemn.

In all states of Australia, April 25 is a national holiday, many people from all over Australia will go to the war memorial to place flowers on that day, and many people will buy a beautiful flower to wear on their breasts. Because Yu Mei represents separation and sorrow, this is also a memory of the deceased servicemen, and every year, the money earned from the sale of Yu Mei spent on this day is donated to relatives who participate in the sacrifice of soldiers in the defence of Australia.

In addition, from the dawn of the day in Anzac Day, there will be commemorative ceremonies at war memorials throughout Australia, as well as regular processions in major cities to pay tribute to the soldiers who have valiantly surrounded the country. The procession is usually led by veterans, and then the representatives of active servicemen of various branches of the army, the descendants of veterans, military bands, and so on, will also be among the ranks, along the main road of the city. Accept the cheers and support of tens of thousands of people on both sides of the road. It was a slight pity that the, Anzac Day parade had lost sight of veterans of the Battle of Gary Polly, when Alec Campbell (Alec Campbell), the last Australian soldier to take part in the Battle of Garipoli, died in May 2002 at the age of 103. Although the veterans are gone, their elders will proudly hold photos of their elders, or medals of honor left by the hero of the wearer, to take part in the parade in their place to commemorate the moment of glory that belongs to them.

In Sydney, the annual Anzac Day parade starts at 9 a.m., from the intersection of Martin Square (Martin Place) and Elizabeth Street (Elizabeth Street) and marches along Elizabeth Street. Until the end of Hyde Park (Hyde Park) on (Liverpool Street) on Liverpool Street, the parade will end at 12:30, with a grand commemoration at (Anzac Memorial), the Australian-New Zealand Legion Memorial in Hyde Park.

As a national public holiday, all ordinary people receive a one-day holiday, and states have different rules as to whether stores can be opened or not:

an ancient administrative division Relevant provisions
NSW(New South Wales) 大部分商店下午一点开始营业;对小型便利店、加油站、药房、花店、咖啡馆、餐馆、酒吧、宠物店等豁免。
[地名][澳大利亚] Victoria, State of Similar to the new state, but the exemption list is much shorter, including gas stations, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, etc.
Queensland 缩写为 Queensl Most shops need to be closed all day; many small shops can be opened from 1 pm.
[地名][澳大利亚] Western Australia, State of Close all day, exemptions for small convenience stores, pharmacies, bookshops and gas stations; bars and restaurants open from 1:00 p.m.
[地名][澳大利亚] South Australia, State of Closed all day, some areas open from 1 p. M.; pardons for small convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies.
Tasmania Most stores open at 12:30; pardons for small convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies.
Northern Territory There are no hard rules, but many small shops choose to open only in the afternoon.
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