The masked city of Sydney has wounded Asian women and female bodies nearby.

[Social News]     2019-08-13
The suspected man was subdued by passers-by and firefighters. (photo No. 7)

The suspected man was subdued by passers-by and firefighters. (photo No. 7)

A man who stabbed a woman in the CBD today, and tried to hurt others, was made by the heroic road man and the fireman using an empty cow`s milk box and a chair. Although it was said that he had called for religious slogans at that time, it was believed that the case had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks.

The police said the man is currently in custody.

Police later found the body of a woman in an apartment in CBD, and as of this afternoon, police were still trying to figure out whether there was a link between the woman`s death and street injuries.

The police said in a statement that the incident occurred at about 2 p.m. today, and the police said in a statement that the "Around 2:00, it was reported that one man`s hand-held knife was walking along the York Street in Sydney and the emergency services went out with it.".

The "On their way to the location, more reports said that the man stabbed someone near the corner of King Street and Clarence Street." is reported to be in the vicinity of the location of the incident.

The suspected man was arrested. (Guardian Photo)

The video showed the white man, aged about 20 to 30, waving a knife and shouting, "shoot me in the head! I TMD wanted to die!" and then he was knocked to the ground and put a milk box on his head.

While eyewitnesses said that the man had also called for religious slogans such as" Allau Akbar ", the police said it was not about the motive.

The Daily Mail said the man, Mert Nay, lived in the Blacktown and escaped from a psychiatric treatment facility.

A woman in her 30s was stabbed in the back by a man. Police found her in the hotel and rushed her to (St Vincents`Hospital, St. Yunxian Hospital. She is believed to be in "stable condition." The woman, wearing glasses and short black hair, could be Asian, according to photo.

A woman with black hair was sent to medical treatment. (Canberra Times Photo)

Witnesses reported that more police cars and ambulances were seen to arrive at the scene. And a lot of people were treated at the scene. One of the people who had lunch at Clarence Street said the police had told his friend that six of his friends were stabbed.

"as soon as an arbitrary guy started stabbing people downtown, he was outside our lunch place," Huto (Jack Huddo) said on Twitter. "I ran to him with a few people. He ran all the way back to my place of work, and a lot of people [assisted] the police left him desperate.

(screenshot of eyewitness Twitter)

`"The police car, the ambulance, etc. are all gathered at York St. I even saw three civilian police cars stopped and some men rushed out of the car to the street.",` said Ben Kimber, on Twitter.

A Uber (Uber) driver told 2GB Radio that he saw passers-by running away. "next I saw this man jump into the car, first on the hood and then on the roof."

"there`s blood on his shirt."

``I saw a man running through the CBD hotel and then a man chasing him with a big knife. It looked like a hunting knife. ``

Prime Minister Morrison (Scott Morrison) said the incident was "deeply disturbing" and praised the road for coming forward.

He said on Twitter: "The violence attack in sydney this afternoon is a cause for concern. The murderer has been detained by the police because of the courageous action of the field and the control of him."

Around 3:15 this afternoon, the police found the dead body in a flat in Clarence Street. The Daily Mail reported that the woman was killed by a person`s throat.

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