Australia sells kangaroo meat, why not Chinese food lovers?

[Life Information]     23 Sep 2020
Chinese food lovers have saved many animals, such as oysters, crayfish, salmon and so on. As soon as the mouth is opened, there are only two choices left for the flooded species, either extinct or endangered. Food today, although far must eat, even the other end of the earth's Australian kangaroo, may face the same fate. Australian government is also suffering from kangaroos, can only come up with...

Chinese food lovers have saved many animals, such as oysters, crayfish, salmon and so on. As soon as the mouth is opened, there are only two choices left for the flooded species, either extinct or endangered. Food today, although far must eat, even the other end of the earth's Australian kangaroo, may face the same fate.

Australian government is also suffering from kangaroos, can only come up with this trick. Australia's government has been working to open up the chinese market since 2009. In 2014, there was frequent news that China was about to open imports of kangaroo meat. In 2016, with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture, a small amount of kangaroo meat was brought to China for tasting. But so far, there is no official opening news.

Australia sells kangaroo meat, why not Chinese food lovers?

Fire-proof, anti-theft and anti-mouse

Kangaroo is a symbol of Australia, netizens call it stupid cute. The vast Australian plain, kangaroo is the protagonist. For visitors to Australia, have not fed kangaroos, is not finished card. For people living in Australia, kangaroos are cute, but from time to time bring some small trouble to life. Especially when the Tasmanian tiger is extinct, the Australian wild dog is on the verge of extinction, and the almost invincible kangaroo is rapidly multiplying.

Australia emphasizes that there are no obvious barriers to nature, forests, grasslands and roads. Driving outside the city, often meet kangaroos, a couple of birds is good, meet hundreds of birds together, it is scary. Therefore, most Australian SUVs are equipped with guardrails to guard against kangaroos. If it is a bicycle encounter, must quickly back down, or very dangerous. According to the survey ,70% of Australian animal-related car accident are caused by kangaroos. Fire, theft, kangaroo, in Australia is not a joke, but a serious topic.

Australian farmers complain that kangaroos have a negative impact on pasture and other livestock. Therefore, some nutritionists put forward to eat to solve the problem. Aborigines eat kangaroos and have a long history. Kangaroos are used not only for eating, but also for weapons and totem. Migrants from Britain and other European countries also fed kangaroos when supplies were scarce in the 19th century. Some people really like this red meat, think its taste and venison, rabbit meat, beef has no essential difference.

Australia sells kangaroo meat, why not Chinese food lovers?

Australian government have strict rules for killing kangaroos 

Of the more than 60 species of kangaroos, only red kangaroo (Red kangaroo), eastern grey kangaroo (Eastern grey kangaroo), western grey kangaroo (Western grey kangaroo) and rock kangaroo (common wallaroo) are edible. Each state also has strict rules on the types and quotas of capture. Such as Queensland, only allowed to capture red kangaroo, eastern gray kangaroo, rock kangaroo.

Australian kangaroos are all wild. Conservative projections, At least 35-50 million pounds, Far more than 24 million people in Australia. The annual allowable catch is 10 to 20 per cent of the estimated number. With the proliferation of kangaroos, Since 2002, Australia government raised the quota to 7 million yen a year, Hunters with specific permits can hunt in restricted areas. But for market reasons, The total number of hunts per year is far from the quota. 2015, Queensland is only 25.9% of the quota. The kangaroo that gets shot every year in Australia, Is about 3% of its total quantity.

Since 1959, Kangaroo meat started selling overseas, Can now be exported to more than 60 countries and regions, The main market is Russia, which stopped importing in 2009, Recovery in 2012), EU (mainly Germany and France), Hong Kong, China, is also open to imports. 2009, The total export value of kangaroo meat is 250 to 270 million Australian dollars, Provide 4000 jobs directly.

What do people think of eating kangaroo meat

According to a 2008 survey, only 14.5 percent of Australian families eat kangaroo meat more than four times a year, half of Australians have never eaten kangaroo meat, and 20 percent do not intend to try kangaroo meat. Australians do not eat kangaroos for several reasons.

First of all, kangaroos are Australia's national treasure after all. It feels weird to eat the animals on the national emblem. Australia, called the story between the little boy Sonny and his smart pet kangaroo Skippy. Since then Skippy has become synonymous with kangaroos, and people of a little age feel that,

Australia sells kangaroo meat, why not Chinese food lovers?

Australia's national emblem is lined with red marsupials and r mio] unique to Australia, a symbol of the nation and nation

Australia sells kangaroo meat, why not Chinese food lovers?

Australia sells kangaroo meat, why not Chinese food lovers?

Second, although kangaroos have been eaten by indigenous people for 40,000 years, but in the 1920s and 1930s, need to eat, kangaroo meat gradually fade out of the table. The federal government and state government have also banned kangaroo meat from local residents. It was the 1980s that kangaroo meat was reopened at the Australian table.

In 1993, new south wales, victoria and queensland lifted the ban to legalize kangaroo meat throughout australia. Before this, can only serve as dog food and other pet food. Today ,70% of kangaroo meat is still used for export, and only 30% of local tables are for tourists. Australian table, beef, chicken, pork is the mainstream products, kangaroo meat status, only more popular than duck meat.

Third, the Australian government has always stressed that the killing of kangaroos under strict control will never threat the survival of species. But there have always been conservationists who are angry about shooting kangaroos. The Australian government requires a hunter to shoot the head of an animal, but few can actually do it. Many kangaroos are seriously injured, and then slowly wait to die, the process is very painful. Critics point out that the industrialization of kangaroos has changed from hunting to killing.

Is kangaroo meat healthy?

Kangaroo legs strong, cooking generally choose legs, tail, waist and back muscles, among which the legs and buttock joints of the best muscle. Good kangaroo meat, like beef, can see clear meat flowers, and the color is relatively dark.

Australia sells kangaroo meat, why not Chinese food lovers?

Nutritionists generally believe that kangaroo meat is a healthy food. Fat less than 2%, high in protein, zinc and iron and high in vitamins B12、B6. but a 2013 survey found kangaroo meat was less healthy than previously thought. Because the L-cargo common in red meat is associated with the formation of blockages in the arteries, which can lead to heart disease, stroke and vascular disease. Kangaroo meat contains more levo-cargo than other red meat, consumers should be alert to excessive consumption.

According to information from Australia's official website, the results are not recognized, and health is still the main word for kangaroo meat. Almost all large supermarkets in Australia sell kangaroo meat for a little more than beef. Hundreds of restaurants across Australia also sell kangaroo meat dishes. As a result, whether the Australian government is eager to promote kangaroo meat, or kangaroo meat is really healthy, it is unknown. At least so far, there is no conclusive evidence that kangaroo meat is unhealthy.

A Chinese chef working at an Australian Chinese restaurant said kangaroo meat is between chicken and beef, tougher than chicken, generally more similar to beef, tastes more iron, and is available in upper-middle-class restaurants. A cheap dish costs about 30 Australian dollars. From the practice, kangaroo meat is similar to beef, mainly roasted and fried. The average Chinese restaurant uses onions to remove the smell of kangaroos. The ratio is about 2 grams of kangaroo meat to 1 grams of onion, and it also uses traditional Chinese cooking methods such as braised and steamed.

Australia sells kangaroo meat, why not Chinese food lovers?

Is kangaroo meat delicious?

I asked a circle of eating friends, the results are mainly negative. Chichy who have been living in Australia for 10 years said their family had just arrived to try kangaroo meat, not too strong, too heavy smell, as a Chinese can not accept. Come to Australia less than a year Wency said, in the Chinese restaurant tried, did not eat all thrown, taste unwilling to recall. A friend surnamed Zhang once tasted kangaroo meat in Perth Western Restaurant. The package price is 99 Australian dollars, including front dish, main course and dessert. Kangaroo meat is the main course and feels like a general taste. Another Mr. Zhou said that from a healthy point of view, kangaroo meat is indeed stable, fat meat is not much, but the color is dim, not delicious, not wonderful.

A friend in Canberra said that kangaroos are often seen near the capital parliament building. Are they delicious? If delicious, the world has been popularized, where is it so hard to promote? In addition, kangaroo meat is not cheap. General supermarket about 20 Australian dollars a kilogram, occasionally special price of 10 yuan a kilogram. But supermarkets generally also have cheaper beef meat, chicken legs can buy 5.5 Australian dollars two kilograms. In contrast, kangaroo meat is not good, nor cheap.

On the other hand, Australia does have a lot of effort to boost kangaroo meat. For example, there are many supermarkets and duty-free shops selling dried kangaroo meat. Whether delicious or not, kangaroo is famous enough, tourists leave Hong Kong, buy some back to give friends a taste of the probability is not small. Sydney's restaurants use Roo to represent kangaroo meat, many under the banner of local australia kangaroo meat as a high-end dish or specialty, make kangaroo pizza, kangaroo hamburger, cooking methods are also varied, such as french, italian, carbon roast, steak and so on.

Food lovers may save some countries from the spread of specific animals, but can kangaroos one day really enter China and be popular? I'm afraid not.

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Aunty Ro Mudyin Godwin
Your comments in regards to Kangaroos,Indigenous Culture,the Commercial Kangaroo Killing Industry & to Country are all incorrect. I’m an Indigenous Knowledge Holder,Educator & Writer. I have been exposing the reality of the Commercial Kangaroo Killing Industry which is a Government sanctioned profit driven industry of colonialism for years. Kangaroo meat for human consumption in Australia isn’t tested for known zoonotic pathogens,as we saw in the recent NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Health & wellbeing of Kangaroos & other macropods in New South Wales that I along with Indigenous Yuin Elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison gave evidence at the Industry is completely unsustainable,brutally cruel given entire mobs of kangaroos are gunned down & any surviving Joeys are torn from their slain mothers pouches and legally bludgeoned to death,but it’s dangerously unhygienic with several mass mortality events remaining undiagnosed by the Industry & Government. Feel free to read the Transcripts from that NSW Parliamentary Inquiry here along with Independent Peer Reviewed information & data in regards to increasing localised extinctions re Kangaroo & links to all my published articles & work . In regards to we Indigenous people & Kangaroos. Firstly your use of the word Aborigine is offensive,racist & derogatory. We are First Nations People or Indigenous People. Kangaroo is a Sacred Totem Animal to many of we Indigenous people & is my Family Totem therefore it is NOT eaten,hunted or used by ANY Indigenous people who hold it as Totem. Totem Kangaroo are Ancestors who have returned to watch over Country & Family so I repeat they are not hunted or eaten. I’d very strongly suggest you all watch the Australian Award Winning Documentary “Kangaroo. A Love Hate Story “ in which Terri Irwin,Brolga from The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs,Ex Kangaroo Shooters,Indigenous Elders & even the Industry & Government speak in this damning documentary.
02 Jan 2022 6:00 am