Surplus bread brewed beer, Australian supermarket anti-food waste new tricks

[Social News]     2019-09-09
Cut the bread into four quicks and refrigerate it into the brewing process.

Cut the bread into four quicks and refrigerate it into the brewing process.

Woolworths, an Australian supermarket, has adopted a new plan for food waste, making beer from its unsold bread.

Woolworths referred to the brew`s new beer as "the first circulating economic beer," as more than 350 kilograms of leftover bread would skip landfill disposal and instead go into Tribe Breweries` brew stab and make pale Al.

It is understood that the limited edition of pale Al Beer will be sold through the company`s partners BWS and Dan Murphy and raise money for Feed Appeal, a non-profit organization that aims to feed Australians affected by food security.

Adrian Cullen, a sustainable development director at Woolworths, said the "It is a key part of our day-to-day operation and community support to have the surplus food not being treated in a landfill, and the ability to help local food aid organizations to provide food for the non-food-hungry Australian."

"for every six bottles of beer you buy, you can not only provide food to those in need, but also enjoy beer that should have been converted from bread that should have been treated at the landfill."

Gotley (Josh Gaudry), head of innovation at Tribe Breweries`s Gulburn (Goulburn), a new state-based company, was appointed to be in charge of brewing the beer, which he said was "the best thing sliced bread can make."

"We want to create nice craft beer and are happy to help Feed Appeal and Woolworths fight hunger and food waste."

"by getting the `rescued` bread from Woolworths, we put it in the brewing process and made it with the aroma of fresh toast to produce a light wine reminiscent of pears and pineapples."

It is understood that the funds will be donated to non-profit organizations, which provide support to local charities that provide food and relief plans to weak Australians.

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