Sydney Hua Nu murder ex-girlfriend, the deceased was stabbed 58 before and after falling

[社会新闻]     14 Sep 2020
The prince who killed his gay girlfriend. The case was heard today at the New State High Court in Darling Hearst (Darlinghurst) after Sydney's Chinese-American woman, Prince Qian Zixi"Jessie"Wang,, admitted her Zetland in May.
Sydney Hua Nu murder ex-girlfriend, the deceased was stabbed 58 before and after falling

The prince who killed his gay girlfriend. (Web Images)

The case was heard today at the new state high court in dalinghurst (Darlinghurst) after a chinese sydney-based woman, prince Zixi "Jessie"Wang,, admitted the murder domestic love in may.

Court heard that in the June 2019 case, Prince Xi rushed down the building after his lover Zhou Shuyu fell, mending at least 40 knives to the dying Zhou Shuyu, mainly with his upper body, including his neck. And before Zhou Shuyu fell, already in the body 18 knife. Fast Media journalist bring you first-hand information at the trial scene.

Due to translation problems, the court session was delayed by 45 minutes and the court session at 10:30 officially heard the Prince's case.

After a brief discussion, court showed a total of 11 minutes of video of the crime scene. According to the video, Zhou Shuyu knocked down the metal fence from upstairs and fell to the ground, but did not immediately death, but repeatedly struggled in pain, her hands and feet shaking, but she could not move her body. Postmortem examination revealed that Zhou Shuyu hip dislocation, lower vertebral fracture.

A few minutes later, a short-haired woman rushed out of the apartment, took the elevator downstairs, came to the scene to touch and tried to move the victim's body. She then returned to the apartment building, tidied her hair in the elevator, and allegedly changed a pair of after returning to her room.

prosecutor said Prince Xi made the case through the elevator makeup, killing the hands wiped off blood, indicating that she was very calm.

Sydney Hua Nu murder ex-girlfriend, the deceased was stabbed 58 before and after falling


Zhou Shuyu fell to the floor and deformed the railing. (Web Images)

Video shows, at the same time, someone found the dead, go away and call the police. Then Prince Qian returned to the scene, constantly stab Zhou Shuyu's neck, arm and upper body with a knife, and the attack lasted more than two minutes, as if to watch the monitoring action. In passers-by's 000 call for help, the background can also hear Zhou Shuyu screaming.

At this time in the trial scene, after seeing this picture, several people sighed, suspected prince Xi friend.

The video showed Prince Xi had escaped by car before the police arrived at the scene of the crime.

Sydney Hua Nu murder ex-girlfriend, the deceased was stabbed 58 before and after falling

The prince who killed his gay girlfriend. (Web Images)

prosecutor taylor (Christopher Taylor) called prince creeks deliberate and cruel at murder, trial, and did not hesitate to kill. The statement of the facts of the crime agreed between the prosecution and the defence shows that Zhou Shuyu and Prince Qian had limbs in the apartment room before falling down conflict, Prince Qian "did not want the deceased to leave the room ".

Afterwards, the police found Zhou Shuyu's blood on the living room, kitchen and balcony door of the apartment, and Prince Qian's cheek had a "slight" bite.

At one time, Zhou Shuyu's mother left the court while court played a video of her daughter's final stage of life. Later, in tears, Zhou mother through Mandarin translation, read the victim's influence statement in court.

Zhou said the family emigrated from China to Australia in 2009, her daughter was born in 1996 and her son was born in 2011. Her daughter went to Macquarie University (Macquarie University) in 2015 to study philosophy while studying part-time. In 2019, her daughter returned to Australia for a period of time and decided to move out of her home with her parents in May to live her own life, only to be surprised a month later.

Zhou said that her daughter is kind, healthy, beautiful and helpful, likes playing the piano, singing, climbing mountains, running, is a cheerful girl. The happy family was completely destroyed on June 17,2019. Zhou Shuyu leave his parents forever and his life was taken away. She was only 23 years old, and there were many possibilities in her life. It can be wonderful. Now everything is gone.

Zhou said that after her daughter died more than 400 days and nights, the family spent every day in pain. She can not sleep every night, life completely lost color, there is only endless pain. Zhou Shuyu's father was hit, severe arrhythmia, can only rest at home. Parents spoiled their daughter for 23 years, but were brutally killed.

Mother Zhou asked Prince Xi :" knife stabbed you, do you hurt? Why so cruel, you are a man or devil, stabbed more than 40, a knife in my heart. Which mother can bear it? I'm dying. I said to my son, if one day I can't wake up again, do n' t panic, the first thing to call the police, the second thing to call your aunt. "

"I'm dying now, but to live, to see the murderer get the punishment he deserves ," Zhou said. Lost daughter, is the whole family for the rest of life forever pain, do not know how to live in pain. "

In this process, Zhou mother sobbed, was helped to return to her seat.

Sydney Hua Nu murder ex-girlfriend, the deceased was stabbed 58 before and after falling

The prince who killed his gay girlfriend. (Web Images)

Among the photo exposed in the past, Prince Qian had short hair, but she had long hair when she appeared in court today.

Prince Qian's defense lawer Belanto (Anthony Bellanto) said today that his client's abnormal behavior on the day of the crime was due to the deterioration of mental health caused by the relationship of the two men.

Attorney Bellanto said that a mutual friend of the two noticed that after the two broke up, Wang Ziqian "becomes depressed and withdrawn, and her sleeping patterns were also affected", and she also told her friends "she can't overcome."

According to lawer Bellanto, Prince Qian had "taken steps to deal with what had happened" and, according to Prince Qian's psychiatrist, she had shown "severe symptoms of severe depression ".

The prosecution claimed that the fight in the apartment room, Prince Qian is an aggressive side. However, lawer Beranto considered the prosecution's statement to be "hypothetical ".

Sydney Hua Nu murder ex-girlfriend, the deceased was stabbed 58 before and after falling

Prince Chee lawer out of the court. during recess (new photo journalist)


On June 17,2019, at about 9 p.m., a 23-year-old woman from China, Zhou Shuyu, fell from a balcony in an apartment in Zetland and fled to Sydney's famous scenic spot Cliff Bridge (Sea Cliff Bridge) death. his white Mercedes Benz driving Zhou Shuyu after the incident ().

Zhou Shuyu damaged the white metal fence during the fall to the ground. When the medical staff arrived at the scene, they did not save Zhou Shuyu's life.

According to their neighbors, Zhou Shuyu heard about ten minutes of quarrels and women's screams before falling down.

A 30-year-old Beijinger who attended Adelaide University before arriving in Sydney admitted murder. in May

Previously, Chinese media said that Zhou Yushu lived with Prince Xi a month before his murder, but insider told Xinfast Media that this was a serious false information. The two men had been separated before, and some media added a sense of porn to the report. It has had a bad impact on the victim's family and friends.

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