The hidden rules of Australian police ticket issuance are exposed! No wonder the Australian police are so active in issuing tickets.

[Social News]     2019-09-03
Speaking of Australian trafficity`s engagement, a small partner in Australia will certainly not help turning a white eye.

Speaking of Australian trafficity`s engagement, a small partner in Australia will certainly not help turning a white eye.

Because the Australian traffic rules are so strict!

The police in Australia are too fond of their jobs!

It`s not a fine day, it`s a fine road...

Because you know what? Australia`s traffic police ticket is actually "KPI", and their "inspection standard" is: the number of tickets issued!

Speed measurement!

Copy the card!

Take a photo for a ticket!

There`s a reward for a ticket. 

What about Australia`s agreed inefficiency? Why are Australian police working so hard to catch car violations?!

What "Interior hanging ornament" is to be fined, the "The driver waved the window out of the window" is to be fined, the "splashing of mud and water on a pedestrian" is to be fined, and the "Get out of the car without a lock." is also fined...

All kinds of strange and unscrupulous traffic rules, but it hurts us drivers like this ~.?

In this regard, the editor has always been curious: why do Australian police so love to issue tickets?

Until recently, read a report from the Australian media, the editor did not understand: probably because, they also need to charge for "turnover"!

Daily Mail: As you think, the police have to pay a certain amount of tickets every month!


A senior officer from the Gold Coast, James Treanor, recently told his boss, according to the Daily Mail.

The reason is that in the past three months, their 16-member team has issued only 15 tickets.

For this reason, they were criticized by their superiors and forced to issue traffic tickets.

In James`s view, this mandatory call for a police officer to get a ticket is a bullying. How many tickets can be paid for each month are not at all controlled by themselves, but on how many drivers are on the road.

The news, which triggered the resonance of a number of police officers. Many police officers have said: the ticket is enough, and there is no commission, and the pressure of the people and the boss is to be sustained every day. Sometimes for a ticket, there`s a scramble for a ticket between the police...

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the fine imposed by the police on illegal vehicles, but if performance evaluation requirements are added to such enforcement, the police profession will be questioned.

Earlier, there was media exposure that a senior officer of the South Australian police, in order to arouse the enthusiasm of subordinates (issuing tickets), sent emails to subordinates to set up a reward system.

As long as the officers dismiss a ticket, four points can be obtained, and one warning letter is one point. a reward may be obtained by the most numerous of the points,

One $30 Coles Myer gift card!

The gift card was bought by the senior policeman at his own expense.

Although after the incident was exposed, South Australia quickly issued a statement opening rumors, saying: we will never specify a mission target for traffic police, nor will we provide a reward for the much more traffic police with tickets, which we have just heard of and stopped as soon as we heard of it. In fact, the senior policeman, he also has a good intention to do bad things.

However, this still shows that the Australian police on traffic management, there are encouraging police officers to issue tickets. Why else would the senior policeman think of a "reward system"?

At present, on the "turnover" this matter, the Australian media is actively following up, waiting for the police to verify and reply.

Coquettish operation is continuous. 

In fact, the Australian police have always been very attentive in traffic management. People can often see some of the police artifact operation.

At the end of 2018, for example, there were online complaints that Australian police dressed up as casual workers brushing car windows to earn pocket money in order to issue tickets!

They were wearing orange overalls, with only one portable cleaning brush in hand, with an interphone between the waist and the road crossing of each red street lamp.

As soon as the red light goes, they travel between the vehicles. The surface looks like looking for a customer who needs a window, actually checking if the driver is playing the phone!

Once a driver has been found to play the phone, the people will use the walkie-talkie to inform the police of the uniform, which is waiting for 200 meters, to get the other party to get a ticket...

It was understood that in this way,38 drivers were shot in one day. A total fine of $18390, or about $90,000!

Wasn`t the police in shock?

Don`t worry, Australian police are talking a lot about camouflage: last year, it was reported that Australia`s government had spent hundreds of millions of Australian dollars to install seemingly ordinary cars on the side of the road.

But in fact, these vehicles are equipped with speedometers, and each vehicle is connected to the traffic system.

Just find out you`re speeding, just wait for a ticket!

In addition to taking care of the car parked at the curb, it is also important to pay attention to the motorbikes that have passed by themselves in Australia.

Because it is likely that the police on motorcycles without police signs, with CarLog, on the road patrol.

If it`s not the iconic warning light, can you identify the police cars?

You think this is Donald Duck from Disney?

But in fact, he`s a cop that can make you cry in minutes!

You think someone`s peeing anywhere?

I`m sorry, but the traffic police is waiting for a rabbit!

You think the road sign, there`s a chance to stand a cop in the back!

You think the way to the scenery is, it`s the police in the snap!

In Australia, as long as you break traffic rules on the road, the police can catch your criminal evidence.

In the first time, Australia has also introduced a new regulation: a car owner who has a sticker on the rear glass of a car or hung a pendant on the rear-view mirror will be fined and 3 points will be deducted.

Isn`t it possible to decoration your car now? Or has someone posted something too much? It`s not until now that I`ve come back:it`s government helping trafficity finish KPI!

So the vast number of driver friends, when driving on the road, must always abide by the traffic rules ah! Don`t give the police a chance to "find stubble"!

As long as you`re driving, you`re not afraid to get a ticket to the door!

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