The governor of Virginia was sprayed against China graffiti outside Melbourne's office protest "Belt and Road"

[Current News]     16 Jun 2020
A man in Melbourne was arrested this morning for protest the state's "Belt and Road" on a sidewalk outside the governor's office.
The governor of Virginia was sprayed against China graffiti outside Melbourne's office protest 'Belt and Road'

A Melbourne man sprayed graffiti outside Andrews` office protest Virginia to join Belt and Road. (Table 7 photo)

A man in Melbourne was arrested this morning for protest the state`s "Belt and Road" on a sidewalk outside the governor`s office.

Anti-" Belt and Road "signs were found this morning in front of Governor Andrews (Daniel Andrews)`s office. Disturbances suspected the use of missing plates to spray "One Belt one road to hell" red and yellow" on the road.

There was a red belt on a road sign in Premiers Lane, CBD Melbourne.

A 40-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly graffitiing a property in Treasury Place Financial Square, police said.

"The property in the Financial Square was allegedly graffitied just after 6:30 a.m. A Melbourne man is currently detain, and is assisting the police investigation. "

On Friday, Australian Prime Minister Morrison (Scott Morrison) denounced the signing of the "Belt and Road" agreement with China, saying it was contrary to Australia`s national interests, and urged Virginia Governor Andrews (Daniel Andrews) to rescind the agreement.

"Australia`s government has not signed the plan, which is not Australia`s diplomatic policy ," Morrison said. The actions of the states and territories should be in accordance with diplomatic guidelines. "

Andrews continues to push forward the "Belt and Road" deal in the face of opposition from the top government in Australia.

Andrews signed a "Belt and Road" memorandum of understanding with China on behalf of the state government in October last year, creating the first government at all levels in Australia. And the agreement will allow Chinese investment in the state, as well as the participation of the state`s enterprises in overseas projects government by China.

"We have a solid relationship, with China that is essential for working people, businesses and economic in Virginia ," he stressed. "

The diplomatic and trade relationship between Australia and China has continued to deteriorate since Morrison government instigated the launching of a global independent survey to trace the origins of the New Crown, and has now fallen to freezing point.

China recently issued a series of travel reminders and early warnings to study in Australia in the past week, pointing out that the phenomenon of racial discrimination and violence behavior against Chinese and Asian people in Australia during the epidemic has "increased significantly ".

Morrison dismissed China`s warning as "nonsense" and threatened that Australia would not abandon its values because of China`s "coercion ". He also argues that "Australia has done nothing, has not tried to do anything contrary to its own values or, in our relationship with our Chinese partners, has tried to be hostile by any means. "

Trade tensions between the two countries also continued to rise. Australia launched three anti-dumping investigations against china this year, accusing china of imposing tariffs on australian barley in april and suspending beef imports from four meat mills in the country.

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