Heavy! Australian Customs immigration policy rectification! from July 1, no cigarette can be brought into Australia.

[Current News]     2019-06-07
Explosion sex messages! Australian Customs immigration policy rectification: from July 1 this year, the new rules are officially implemented: Australi...

Explosion sex messages! Australian Customs immigration policy rectification: from July 1 this year, the new rules are officially implemented: Australia has banned tobacco imports!

1. Major policy adjustments

On the official website of the Australian Customs (http://www.border.gov.au/), the latest regulations on the carrying of tobacco are spelt out:

With effect from July 1, the rules for bringing cigarettes into Australia have been tightened, and all tobacco products are seen as prohibited from being imported.

This means that any tobacco product, whether it is a foreign supplier, a variety of buying and selling websites, or private delivery, is completely prohibited!

(photo source: Australian Customs and Excise Department)

Such big news is a bolt from the blue for smokers!

You know, although Australia has been demanding the quantity and weight of tobacco and cigarettes for passengers, the previous standard limit was 50 cigarettes, equivalent to about two and a half packs of domestic cigarettes. Starting in 2017, Australian customs has slashed the number of cigarettes that can be carried! Cut the previous 50 to carry 25 grams of tobacco duty-free and 25 cigarettes, with only one pack of duty-free cigarettes.

For some old smokers, this number is gone in a few days, and many people`s hearts should collapse.

It was halved two years ago!

Now, since July 1 this year, Australia`s government has directly banned the import of tobacco!

(photo source: Australian Customs and Excise Department)

From now on, you can say goodbye to cigarettes!

All of this, instead of buying more expensive cigarettes in Australia than drug, why don`t you just quit smoking?

two. Why does government make change?

In Australia, talk about the most profitable job: the tobacco industry!

But in the consideration of human health, environmental protection and so on, Australia is one of the countries with the most strict control over tobacco, and the high tobacco tax makes people just want to quit smoking!

A new state customs official also said in an interview with the media that because cigarettes in Australia are five times more expensive than cigarettes in Asia, many illegal cigarette smuggling operations have spawned: smugglers use electronic products. Plush toys or high heels are used as cover for the purpose of smuggling cigarettes.

As far as this year is concerned, Australian customs has frequently investigated and dealt with illegal tobacco smuggling.

The day before yesterday, eight Chinese people cancelled their visas and deported them at the Australian Customs Office on the spot! And for the reason, none of them were carrying a box full of smuggled tobacco. A total of 177063 cigarettes were found!

(photo source: News.com.au)

An average of 22000 units per person, 880 times the maximum of 25 per person set by the Australian Customs Department!

(photo source: News.com.au)

After being seized of the illegal tobacco, the eight Chinese citizen were cancelled by the Australian customs detain on the spot, and the pedestrian was escorted to Melbourne Immigration Crossing for the night, waiting to be deported.

Australian customs even publicly said through the media that cigarettes have entered the country through illegal smuggling has become an important issue, people desperate for tobacco profits, moths fight the fire.

Whether it is to the Australian environment, economic has a serious threat and blow, and even bring about terrorism attacks.

After a comprehensive assessment of these risks, government, Australia, swung a stroke of pen!

Ban the import of tobacco directly!

3. The influence on the Chinese

So, can`t cigarettes enter the country?

If you go to Australia, you can still bring tobacco products. However, you must declare any tobacco in excess of the allowance and pay any tax required upon arrival in Australia.

If you are 18 years of age or older, your allowance is:

  • A pack of unopened cigarettes, up to 25 cigarettes (equivalent to 25 grams of tobacco products)
  • If you carry more than duty-free tobacco and cigarette duty, you will have to pay tax on all tobacco

If you want to carry more than 1.5 kilograms of tobacco products, you also need to apply to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for prior permission.

However, from July 1, 2019, tobacco can be imported only with a license issued by the Australian Home Office, and imported tobacco will be required to pay all duties and taxes at the time of import.

The crime of smuggling cigarettes is enough to be sentenced to 10 years` imprisonment in Australia.

More details: https://www.abf.gov.au/importing-exporting-and-manufacturing/prohibited-goods/categories/tobacco

Finally, in addition, the Australian government also said that not only to enter the import of cigarettes, but also the domestic tobacco tax is expected to rise sharply this year, under such circumstances, do you want to quit smoking?

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