The second highest epidemic in Virginia has increased to 7764 cases nationwide

2019-nCoV Special
[International News]     29 Jun 2020
With more than half a million confirmed cases in Coronavirus world virus the number of newly diagnosed cases in Virginia and New Jersey today announced an increase of 75 cases and seven new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases nationwide to 7764, death still 104.
Health sector personnel are urgently virus in 10 hot spots in Melbourne


With more than half a million confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection worldwide and more than half a million death, the state today announced an increase of 75 cases and seven new cases, respectively, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 7764, with death still 104.

According to the local epidemic situation, Xinzhou still ranks first in the country with a cumulative total of 3184 cases, but has recently slowed down, showing a single-digit increase daily, and mainly imported cases overseas. The recent outbreak in Virginia has deteriorated sharply, increasing to 2099 cases today after breaking through the 2000 mark yesterday. Queensland was stable at 1067 cases. Western Australia was stable at 609 cases. South Australia maintained 440 cases, but a group of expatriates flew back to Adelaide yesterday, making the state may have new cases in recent days. There were 228 cases in Tazhou. The capital territory is 108 cases. The number of confirmed cases in the North Territory has remained at 29 for a long time.

The number of newly diagnosed cases of Coronavirus infection in the state continues to rise sharply, adding 75 cases today. This is a sharp increase in the number of outbreaks following the state's announcement yesterday of 49 new cases and 41 more cases before the ice day, reaching the highest daily increase in the local COVID-19 test positive response since April 2, with a cumulative total of 2099 cases.

Victoria 6 School 2 nursery centre closed

Health director mikakos (Jenny Mikakos) revealed at a news conference at noon monday that only one of the 75 new cases was returned from overseas travel in isolation and quarantine at hotels ,14 were in contact with known cases ,37 were routinely tested and 23 were under investigation. This situation shows that the recent upsurge in cases in the state is mainly community-based transmission.

She said :" It is clear that we are concerned about the increase and upward trend in numbers and are closely monitoring developments. "

Due to the discovery of new cases, six schools and two childcare centres in Melbourne were closed and thoroughly cleaned today.

Chief U.S. Attorney Professor Sutton (Brett Sutton) said earlier that U.S. states are experiencing a second peak of cases, with double-digit daily growth for most of the past two weeks.

Health authorities are considering advising people to wear masks outside, he said. Such a warning would be the first time since the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in Australia that government advised people to wear masks to prevent Coronavirus from spreading. So far, the federal government and state and territory government, as well as the health sector have not recommended that people wear masks when they leave home.

Meanwhile, the world's first Coronavirus rapid saliva test, developed by the doherty institute (Doherty Institute) in virginia, will replace what is now widely used in the world, medical team is door-to-doorto-door testing in hot districts. The accuracy of this method is 87%.

Melbourne hot spot or closed

The governor of andrews (Daniel Andrews) announced last week that Keilor Downs,Albanvale,Sunshine West,Maidstone,Hallam,Broadmeadows,Brunswick West,Fawkner,Reservoir and Pakenham10 districts were hot spots for the new-crown pneumonia epidemic, authorities plans to test 10,000 people a day in the 10 districts for 10 days, completing more than half of the population in the 10 districts, with health authorities buwang testing 25,000 times a day across the state.

Meanwhile, the governor of andrews confirmed that the state government is considering sealing hot spots to control virus infection, and the media said it could be announced as soon as tomorrow if a decision was taken.

Recent newly diagnosed cases in other states except Virginia are mainly imported from overseas


New state health department announced this morning seven new crown pneumonia cases, all returned from overseas travel, in the hotel quarantine. In recent weeks, new cases, mainly imported from overseas, have been detected in Xinzhou, with occasional sporadic cases of community infection.

The new state is largely under control, but the state government and health authorities are concerned that residents of melbourne's hot spots will be virus across the state border as the new state's border with virginia opens and as the new state gradually liberalizes epidemic prevention and social distance limits.

Meanwhile, Queensland announced this morning that there were no new confirmed cases.

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