Australia's visa is used by the mafia to exploit the work tool

[Social News]     2019-08-27
Labour`s internal affairs, speaker gani. ( Picture)At an immigration round table in Canberra, the crime gane used the Australian "fragmented" visa sys...

Labour`s internal affairs, speaker gani. ( Picture)

At an immigration round table in Canberra, the crime gane used the Australian "fragmented" visa system to combat human trafficking, making foreign workers vulnerable to exploitation in Australia and a low salary of $4.

According to the guardian, the round table was convened by the labour party initiative, and participants for immigration and border security experts hope that the government will be able to strengthen the management of the visa system and point out that 80,000 people have applied to the australia since 2014.

It is reported that, while only about one-one of them is approved for refgee`s visa, the surge also means the backlog of cases and the fact that more than 200,000 people are currently living in Australia and become vulnerable to exploitation.

(John Coyne), head of border affairs at (APSI), the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy, warned that Australia`s visa system had been abused, noting that "organized criminals organize illegal immigrants on a fee-based basis, ranging from fabricating identity documents to playing with the Australian visa system". "Australia`s border security system is abused and from time to time there are people who are difficult to identify."

``The black market in Australia, in fact, is backed by organized crime, who are working with businesses to exploit labour, while those participants do not pay taxes and often remit Salary overseas, `` he said.

Emma Germano, the head of horticulture for the state-of-the-art farmer, said the industry was "be the first to", given the dependence of the Australian agriculture on the company. This means that while the growers are concerned about a hoax involving foreign workers, they can`t change.

As many as 60 to 70 percent of farm workers in some areas do not have legal work permits and earn as little as A $4 an hour, Jemano said. "these poor workers are not backed by law and cannot be directly employed by growers," she said. "so while we may want to hire them directly, they are very afraid of being retaliated by mafia."

He said the workers were usually cheated into Australia and thought they had a job, but could have been confiscated as soon as they came.

She said growers paid employees A $31 an hour, but only A $4 or A $8 for workers, and the difference went elsewhere.

Lezvi (Abul Rizvi), a former deputy director of immigration and border protection, said the large number of bridge visa holders showed "institutional problems." He pointed out that about 25 percent of Australia`s total net immigrants are visa holders, which is also "an indicator of institutional problems." He thought it might be acceptable to account for 5% or 10%, but "25% is a problem and a wake-up call."

`The round table is designed to make it possible to address the "to be united with one`s heart" of the problem,` said Kristina Kenshally, the convenor of the meeting, and accused the government of facing the "absent-minded" of the problem.

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