Confused violence Control Madness, How Sydney Men Go to Kill Children

[社会新闻]     16 Sep 2020
A cold-blooded father, who killed his two children and then shot himself, now has more details about the case that took place more than two years ago, giving a glimpse of the man's past and how to make this big case that shook Australia!
Confused violence Control Madness, How Sydney Men Go to Kill Children

Jack and Jennifer died at the hands of their biological father. (Information Photo)

A cold-blooded father, who killed his two children and then shot himself, now has more details about the case that took place more than two years ago, giving a glimpse of the man's past and how to make this big case that shook Australia!

5 July 2018, Edwards (John Edwards),67, is on Mount West Pennant, Northwest Sydney (West Pennant Hill), shoot killed her 13-year-old daughter, Jennifer (Jennifer Edwards), and his 15-year-old son, Jack (Jack Edwards).

Edwards then returned to his rented house in norman hirst (Normanhurst) and shot himself several hours after killing his children.

Five months later, mr edwards's separated wife, olga (Olga), who lost two children, committed suicide after suffering.

The new state coroner's inquest into jennifer and jack's and jack's death hearings. during which edwards, as a violence and narcissistic control freak, made public his secret history of treating six partners badly.

court heard that Edwards had a "tendency to domestic violence ", including physical and psychological harm to his partner and children.

According to investigators, one of Edwards' ex-partners said he had never been physically violence, but was "under his control ", while another said Edwards was" not peaceful and narcissistic ".

authorities kept the names of Edwards' partners secret to protect the identity of the witness, Edwards' shocking behavior towards the victims was made public.

Confused violence Control Madness, How Sydney Men Go to Kill Children

Edwards had seven partners and ten children in his life. (Information Photo)

Life experiences many partners without a good relationship

Including the late third mother, Edwards had seven partners and ten children.

Edwards was only 19 when he first marry, and his bride was 18. After two children, in 1974, the family went to the United States on holiday, his wife found Edwards and an American woman through a hot love letter. The wife immediately promised to return to Australia, and Edwards only allowed her to take one child.

Edwards stayed in the United States for a while while returning his second child to Australia. Later, he returned to Australia with an American lover, and the woman who loved the world was abandoned in a motel with no money and a child.

The woman, who had no relatives in Australia, finally begged Edwards' ex-wife to help her return to the United States.

The third woman in Edwards's life suffered a miscarriage after Edwards smashed her with a bottle of concentrated orange juice. After Edwards later threw a rolling pin at her, the woman finally escaped from him and applied for a family violence ban.

Then Edward conceived another woman and abandoned her before the birth.

After the birth of the child, the two men broke up. But then the two met on the train, and the woman agreed to continue meeting Edwards.

She thought it might be better for the child, but she was kept in his house and pressed in bed. Edwards was arrest. when he wandered outside the woman's house

Why did Edwards find the woman's place? Because he hired a private investigator.

After their relationship broke down, the fifth partner was too afraid of Edwards, even changed his name and avoided Queensland.

Edwards' sixth lover told police that on their wedding night, she was scolded by Edwards and left alone in the empty room. The cold reception on the wedding night was because the bride had removed her makeup and changed her clothes before going to bed, and the most normal behavior for women was scolded by Edwards for destroying her mood.

After marry with Edwards, the woman was forced to give birth alone because Edwards refused to send her to the hospital, and never lived with Edwards again. leave Edwards, she fled to the women's shelter.

During 2000, the woman formally alerted the police about her family violence.

Confused violence Control Madness, How Sydney Men Go to Kill Children


Olga ,31 years younger than Edwards, was controlled by her husband for 15 years of marriage life. (Information Photo)

An old husband and a young wife's foreign love ends in a bloodbath

As for jennifer and jack's mother, born in olga, russia, she was the seventh woman in edwards' s life. When she met edwards on the dating site in 2001, she was only 19, and edwards ,31, was 50.

Later Edwards went to Russia, met Olga's family, and took her to Australia.

Over the next 15 years, Olga has been trying to save the two marriage, even though Edwards has always been cynical and controlled about her, even if she wears anything —— only miniskirts and high heels, and no short hair.

Olga eventually fled the violence marriage and family, took two children and started the divorce process in April 2016.

She had told the family court that she was afraid of the safety of the two children and had made it clear that they did not want anything to do with Edwards. But in December 2016, court issued a temporary order requiring Jack and Jennifer to meet their father for three hours every Saturday.

The request was explicitly rejected by the children, but the family therapist tried to get them to accept the arrangement, and one time even drove them to meet Edwards, but the meeting lasted only 15 minutes.

On last week's hearings, court learned that Edwards was "obsessed with keeping intimate relationship, with Jack and Jennifer and blaming Olga for the alienation of his children from himself ".

Edwards took a very radical approach to maintaining relationship, with his children. He bought a dog and deliberately abused it, forcing his animal-loving daughter Jennifer to go to his house to make sure the dog was safe and sound.

After two children died at the hands of their father, Olga explained to police officers how Edwards had treated the children for years. Edwards is said to be prone to abuse children for trivial matters, and children who touch his phone or his collection of CD, may suffer.

To stay away from Edwards, Olga tried to keep his address secret, but he couldn't escape Edwards.

Confused violence Control Madness, How Sydney Men Go to Kill Children


Edwards followed her daughter Jennifer home and fired several shots at two innocent children. (Information Photo)

violence was allowed to with a gun

Apart from Jack and Jennifer, Edwards' other children had been beaten with belts and whips, and he had threat to kill two of them, or even give rat poison to the other!

He also lied to a partner about being a soldier ," aboriginal chief ", and one partner said he had tried to escape with the children while he was in Edwards' shower.

One of Edwards' children said he felt like he was in prison when his father exercised visitation rights.

Mr. Edwards was granted a shoot rifle and pistol licence in June 2017. While the New State guns Registry used the relevant report of the police database for approval, it was regrettable that the report did not mention several incidents involving Edwards' family violence.

Olga had already told police that Edwards would beat children, such as Jack, but unfortunately, the police did not follow up on the investigation and did not include it in the document. When the police had written his violence history of his children, he would have triggered the police's attention when he wanted to buy guns.

Over the next year, Edwards legally held five more guns, including a Glock 17A 9 millimeter semi-automatic gun, which Edwards killed his youngest two children in cold blood —— Jack and Jennifer.

Follow your daughter home killer pain

Edwards rented a car from Aivs on July 2,2018, lest the child recognize him.

On july 4th edwards went to st. mary's pistol club (St Mary's Pistol Club) and got two as members pistol. as other members later recalled, edwards was very manic, he closed the door too hard, stuck the door.

On the afternoon of July 5, Edwards waited quietly for her daughter Jennifer to train. in the parking lot at train local station

He watched Jennifer get on the bus, then follow the bus to the mother and son's hiding place.

It was almost five o'clock when Jennifer arrived home. As a diligent elite school student, she went to and from school for an hour and a half every day. After her murder, one of her teachers recalled that she was smart and bold, but her eyes seemed to have a lingering melancholy. Unlike other children, and always physically and mentally exhausted.

such jennifer doesn't have many friends, but she has a very good relationship with her brother jack. When she saw her father coming, she immediately hid in her brother's room.

At that time Jack was sitting in front of the computer playing shoot game fortress night, the two brothers and sisters can only hide under the computer table, and then this obviously can not avoid the cruel attack of his father.

When the bodies of the two children were found, they had multiple gunshot wounds, showing how the two children in the last moment of life, desperate to escape the father's hunting.

When their mother Olga came home from work to see the door full of police cars and ambulances, learned what had happened, immediately collapsed to the ground.

After Jack and Jennifer died, mother Olga continued to live here. She told her family doctor that there was still the smell of children in the house.

Finally, the pain crushed Olga. Five months after losing her brothers and sisters in December 2018, she committed suicide, died in the house where the children were killed, and finally met with the children in heaven.

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