A 24-hour economic strategy for the new state, Sydney will become a nightlife capital

[社会新闻]     14 Sep 2020
Sydneyers have complained for years about the lack of urban nightlife, and the new state government launched a major 24-hour economic strategy to change the situation in the hope of making australia's largest city a resplendent and vibrant "world nightlife capital ". The new state government just lifted its controversial bar-night ban late last year in an attempt to make the metropolis more alive,...
A 24-hour economic strategy for the new state, Sydney will become a nightlife capital


For many years, Sydneysiders have been complaining about the lack of nightlife in the city, and the NSW government has launched a major 24-hour economic strategy to change this situation, hoping to turn this Australia ' s largest city into a bright and vibrant "nightlife capital of the world" ".

The new state government just lifted its controversial bar-night ban late last year in an attempt to make the metropolis more alive, driving the city's night economic business district, a sudden new lung outbreak, and authorities closure and social distance restrictions to control the epidemic. Sydney became a ghost town, tens of times worse than the bar-night ban in the years.

The first wave of the epidemic slowed down a little, the state government began to gradually unseal and relax the epidemic prevention restrictions, and the fierce second wave of the epidemic situation in the adjacent state of Weizhou rebounded, forcing the authorities to tighten the relaxed epidemic prevention restrictions slightly.

With the recent improvement of the situation in Victoria and NSW, the state government has long been unable to bear it. Today, it officially announced the long-awaited "Sydney 24-hour Economic Strategy".

The new state government plan has adopted a strategy to encourage state government departments to work with business groups, advisory groups and city cities to reshape the night of the beautiful seaport city economic, further activate and maximize its potential and energy, and enrich Sydney's night activities and post-epidemic tourism.

To this end, the new state government will appoint a 24-hour economic chief coordinator and will develop a 24-hour economic acceleration plan and a neon network covering the government of metropolitan cities.

The newly released strategy reports that a general coordinator will be appointed as the central coordinator for the implementation of the strategy, a key focal point for many of its stakeholders and a champion of a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and secure 24-hour economic throughout Sydney.

He/she will work closely with the Directors, Governors and other relevant Directors responsible for the 24-hour economic. He will also liaise closely with industry and municipal government to ensure that they remain central to the implementation of the strategy.

When detailing the 24-hour economic acceleration plan, the strategy paper notes that this will help municipalities government activate 24-hour economic hubs that reflect the unique needs and status of their local communities.

Designed to support specific activities under the strategy through activities such as providing policy guidance, advice and government support for specific activities. The plan will be managed and implemented by the General Coordinator with the support of the multi-stakeholder governance framework.

The Neon Network will enable the government, industry and municipal government to map, benchmark and plan the growth of the 24-hour economic in Greater Sydney as an interrelated whole.

Eventually, it will also become a tool that connects local and international consumers and businesses and entrepreneurs economic Sydney's night view to the best that Greater Sydney can offer.

The Director of Finance, Dominique Perot (Dominic Perrottet), said the plan would make Sydney the best place to live and work and establish Sydney state for dynamic recovery after COVID-19.

"There is no denying that Sydney is one of the best cities in the world, but we need to continue to make every effort to ensure that the crown jewels continue to shine day and night ," Perotte said. "

The strategy aims to promote investment, create jobs and attract more businesses into central business districts and surrounding suburbs, laying the foundation for a economic recovery in the new state so that we can get more businesses to do business and provide jobs for people. "

Ears (Stuart Ayres), director of employment, investment, tourism and western Sydney, said the strategy was industry-led and aimed at developing and supporting work in hotels, tourism, retail and the arts.

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