Australian Asian families were taken to court in the backyard of BBQ,!? Tens of thousands of netizens were furious and vowed to defend Australia's national treasure to the death! The ending was too happy.

[Social News]     09 Sep 2019
As the saying goes: I save my body three times a day, what do I eat in the morning? What do you have for lunch? What do you eat tonight?

As the saying goes: I save my body three times a day, what do I eat in the morning? What do you have for lunch? What do you eat tonight?

As the so-called people take food as the day, this standard is applicable all over the world.

Eating is a topic that no one can ignore, and eating is one of the most easily torn topics.

For example:

  • Would you like some sugar for Scrambled Egg with Tomato?
  • Are the beans sweet or salty?
  • Delicious meat dumplings or white alkali dumplings delicious?
  • Do you cook dumplings or dumplings on Lantern Festival?
  • Is the moon cake delicious or dark?
  • Should Fujian people use it as a cooker or a side stove in Guangdong?

At some point every year, such debates detonate the Internet as scheduled, sparking waves of verbal warfare.

But to talk about the most torn topic of "eating", you have to count "eat meat" and "VS" is vegetarian.

In terms of which people in the world like meat best, the people of Turkey and Australia will not let it go.

After all, one side of the soil and water raised one person, Australia`s unique geographical and environmental advantages, for her people to bring the best meat resources in the world.

Beef, mutton, oysters and lobster are among the best in the world.

Don`t eat is a waste of nature!

But on the other hand, vegetarianism also spreads its influence at an extremely fast speed.

Many Australians are constantly choosing to join the vegetarian family.

The question of whether to eat meat or to eat vegetarian food, which should simply depend on personal habits and preferences, is now becoming increasingly controversial, even conflict.

Vegetarian women repeatedly sue their neighbors for "delicious barbecue."

Recently, according to a number of media reports, in a quiet and peaceful community north of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, there was a tearing war between neighbors.

Cilla Carden is a local massage physiotherapist in Perth, and Cilla also has another special identity, that is, she is a vegetarian.

In January, Cilla suddenly sued her neighbor Toan Vu on the local civil arbitration court.

It is said that distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors, and it is already quite rare for neighbors to have any contradictions between them. What is even more surprising is that the reason why Cilla sued the neighbors was that she smelled Toan Vu barbecue next door!?

According to Cilla, every time the Tona family barbecued or cooked fish next door, the smell of roast meat and fish floated into her backyard next door, which made her restless and unacceptable as a vegetarian!

On court, Cilla said angrily, "they`re cooking fish next door, so my whole family smells like fish. I can`t stay in my backyard. I can`t stand it!"

Not only did Cilla point the finger straight at the neighbor`s meat cooking, she even spoke out that the neighbor`s family had done it entirely "intentionally" to "target her!"

"it was intentional! that`s what I said on court, and it must have been intentional!" Cilla said in an interview with the media.

But Cilla was "disappointed" by court`s ruling on the dog blood barbecue case.

In response to Cillad`s complaint, the Western Australian Civil Arbitration court rejected her proposal to ban neighbor barbecue.

But Cillad, who has a firm faith in vegetarianism, fought the case all the way to the Western Australian Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court of Western Australia rejected the absurd claim, though it put on a sardonic display.

But for Toan, Cillad`s neighbor, although the court eventually backed it up,

But when I thought of such a "Ancestors" in the next door, the Toan family can only sigh and say that it can`t be... I can`t...

In an interview with the media, the Toan family said they had quietly put away the barbecue oven that had been placed in the backyard.

After this absurd story happened, it also spread all over the world in an instant, even in China.

In the face of this lovely Australian woman, the comments of domestic netizens are also extremely happy.

There are suggestions that the woman should move on her own, and some people think that the neighbors did not ask her to come and have a barbecue together.

There are also neighbors to refueling ~ ha.

Of course, joy goes to joy, and then the painting style of this story is even more wrong.

People fry pot, want to have "barbecue rally" protest

I thought court`s decision would end the neighborhood fight, but to everyone`s surprise, not only did the dust settle, but it continued to ferment, and even the "painting style" changed.

The barbecue storm, which has been widely reported by the Internet and the media, has gradually escalated from a small contradiction between neighborhoods to a well-known public event in Australia.

The barbecue, which claims to be the quintessence of Tuao, was so humiliated this time that many simple and honest people in Western Australia really could not see it, saying one after another that they wanted to give the young vegetarian a vivid "traditional culture education."

In response to this call, a campaign called Community BBQ for Cilla Carden was launched on fb.

The event is scheduled to hold a big barbecue in front of Cilla Carden`s house on October 19!

Unexpectedly, this hero post, really attracted a lot of responders!

In the face of this unexpected battle, Cilla Carden was really scared, not only to change the previous menacing, but even to the media also said: "this is not the opposition between vegetarian and meat, this is just a contradiction between our neighbors, I respect the rights of other people eating meat, I have no problem with barbecue."

However, according to the event home page, the enthusiasm of the local people to participate in the event is still rising.

At present, the number of applicants has exceeded 5400! More than 12,000 people have expressed interest in this!

On the other hand, in the face of high interest, eager barbecue enthusiasts summoned to protect Cilla Carden, her lawer also publicly said: "any attempt to break into Cilla`s house at the event will be considered an illegal invasion."

At the same time, according to the latest media reports, Cilla is planning to launch a new law challenge against not only the Toan family next door, but also the "barbecue behavior" of several nearby neighbors.

However, the organizers are not afraid, we will not do in your home, not illegal invasion, "this is a peace protest, we do not bring meat in front of Ms. Carden`s door."

However, the neighbors involved in the event will provide their front yard and driveway to everyone, when the snack booth will be filled with the whole street in front of Ms. Carden`s house! Come on, everybody, let`s get on the party! "

Seeing here, Impressionist was a little excited, and I also wanted to go to this open-air barbecue. Ow, ow.


Although the debate about "eating meat" or "vegetarian" will last for a long time in the foreseeable future, whether it is "eating meat" or "eating vegetarian", it should be a kind of personal free choice.

In today`s continuous development of civilization, mankind should indeed consider more humanitarian issues.

But if you intend to exaggerate some issues, it deviates from the good intention, and it is a higher civilization to learn to understand and respect each other.

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