Sydney parking is the most expensive in the world, and parliament relies on tickets to make money

[Social News]     17 Sep 2019
Sydney Local parliament earns more than A $650 million in parking fines for 4 years (Daily Mail Photo)

Sydney Local parliament earns more than A $650 million in parking fines for 4 years (Daily Mail Photo)

Sydney residents have imposed a total of A $650 million in parking fines over the past four years, while the city`s airport has an average parking income of more than A $650 million a minute.

For the past four years, the new state authorities has been working to reduce illegal parking fines without safety hazards, but parliament does not have change policies in many places, the Daily Mail reported.

New state acting finance director Tudhop (Damien Tudehope) said the car driver is regarded as a "cash cow." In many places, parliament admitted that fines had not been reduced for tax reasons.

"the local parliament needs to stop using the driver as a cash cow and start giving the driver a breathing space," Tudhop said. "Safety and deterrence are important, but the fine should be the same as the level of crime."

Last year, the new state government recommended that local government reduce parking fines from A $112 to A $80, but only five local government were implemented.

Local parliament (Inner West Council) in the inner west said there would be no change parking penalty system because of "significant financial implications". Sydney parliament (City of Sydney), on the other hand, said lower fines would reduce drivers` power to move, meaning fewer parking spaces would be available.

Sydney airport parking profit was A $95.4 million in 2018, according to figures released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Council (ACCC). This is equivalent to A $261000 a day, or A $181 per minute.

In the 10 years to 2018, Sydney airport parking made an operating profit of A $886.3 million, from parking fee revenue of up to A $1.2 billion.

Sydney airport parking lot charge is the most expensive in Australia.

But things are not much better elsewhere in Sydney. Sydney ranks second in the world in terms of overall parking fees.

According to the 2017 Global parking Index (Global Parking Index 2017) of Parkopedia, an international parking service company, the average cost of parking in Sydney for two hours is more than A $40, only slightly lower than that of New York.

Overall, the average cost of parking in Australian cities for two hours is the most expensive in the world.

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