Tell the world to be yourself, the Chinese at Sydney's homosexual love carnival(1)

[Social News]     28 Feb 2020
Chinese student li xujie is nervously rehearsing for the big parade (Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade) at the 2020 homosexual love carnival in sydney. This year was his first engagement to the parade team and meant a lot to him.
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Tell the world to be yourself, the Chinese at Sydney's homosexual love carnival

Sydney homosexual love carnival parade chinese square swing folding fan practice dance steps

Tell the world to be yourself, the Chinese at Sydney's homosexual love carnival

Chinese student Li Xujie comes to Australia for Mardi Gras

"I am most moved by the tolerance of Australian society, so many people are supporting you, I am moving tears. "

Mr li`s parade team, called sydney`s gay parade chinese square (Mardi Gras Chinese Float Group), consists of 60 volunteers, including a number of members from thai and middle east backgrounds.

Two years ago, Mr. Lee came to Australia to study for master degree. He said his life in Australia made him feel personally about the local community`s acceptance of the LGBTIQ.

Sexual minorities refer to groups whose gender identity is different from the majority of heterosexuals in mainstream societies, such as homosexual love, bisexuality, transsexity, coolness, intersex, asexuality, etc.

"I was afraid of being pointed when I was in China," he said.

"It`s still a deep cover-up outside, and I`m as conservative as they are in that respect. "

Now, when he talks about his sexual niche, he reveals more pride. Recently, he was also in Timeline to officially come out to his family and friends.

"Coming out is mainly inspired by Mardi Gras, wanting to be a more real self, not wanting to be straight again, so many years tired," Li said.

"My family was very surprised at first, but there wasn`t much overreach, and my sister quickly sent a message of support, and my aunt said the next day if only I were happy. "

In late 2017, Australia passed the same-sex marrage act, with Lee and his partner becoming one of the first same-sex couples to register marry.

Tell the world to be yourself, the Chinese at Sydney's homosexual love carnival

Chinese student Li Xujie and his partner are registered in Australia.

Impact of the new crown epidemic

JJ is the convener of this Chinese square. She said this year, from float design, clothing, selection to choreography, will show a strong element of Chinese style.

"We`ve been experimenting with a variety of styles in the last few years, hoping to have some innovative images for the local audience and not want to convey the stereotype," she told ABC Chinese.

She said that last year because the style of the Chinese square is not unique enough, some viewers said they did not notice the presence of the Chinese square.

"We are a little disappointed at this because we want to represent the Chinese community as a whole. "

Tell the world to be yourself, the Chinese at Sydney's homosexual love carnival

Convener JJ takes part in rehearsals ahead of Sydney`s homosexual love big parade

The new epidemic of COVID-19, which is spreading all over the world, is also bringing many challenges to the Chinese square.

Australia`s travel ban on Chinese tourists in mainland creates "great inconvenience" to organisers in clothing transportation and personnel arrangements.

"We have a dozen players who can`t come back because of the ban, the players who can`t come back are disappointed and we`re disappointed," JJ said.

"Our clothing is custom-made this year and involves [importing] fabric from China. ..... At that time is not enough to make up, did not expect the outbreak after no way to replenish the fabric. In sydney, where there is no suitable chinese-style fabric, similar alternatives are especially expensive and budgets are particularly tight each year. "

In response to the emergency, JJ and its members managed to raise money to help the parade go smoothly.

"will bring bad children "?

Tell the world to be yourself, the Chinese at Sydney's homosexual love carnival

Chinese square for five consecutive years to participate in Sydney`s homosexual love big parade

This year is the fifth time jj has led a chinese phalanx to attend the great parade in sydney`s homoxual love, and the lineup is the biggest so far.

JJ herself is not a sexual minority, but she hopes that through her personal efforts she will enhance the awareness of the Chinese community about the group.

"[ Participating in] the event, we can build awareness, at least with a voice that reminds people that there are groups in the Chinese community that are very large," JJ said.

"Everyone doesn`t say anything about it, but they don`t know the group, and how to talk about respect, understanding and tolerance on this basis. "

The continued appearance of the Chinese phalanx has also attracted a lot of public attention, and was awarded last year by Mardi Gras The Recognition Award.

But JJ said she came to the point of questioning and criticism.

"In the first year, a lot of the Chinese responded by saying,`You`re going to bring a bad kid like this, say you`re teaching them a bad lesson and letting them choose to be a homosexual love`. It`s a conclusion that you don`t know anything about the group," she said.

"One of the things I stressed to them was that who would choose the most difficult path if they could choose? "

"This is not a matter of personal choice, but of birth. "

Tell the world to be yourself, the Chinese at Sydney's homosexual love carnival

Colorful characters blend into the festive atmosphere of Sydney`s homosexual love carnival

JJ believes that the Chinese community`s cognition and tolerance of sexual minorities gradually change with the progress of the whole society.

"We know, for example, a volunteer for a lesbian couple, one of whose parents strongly disagrees and dies. During the same-sex marriage law vote, her mother came to australia to see the majority of society`s reaction was yes, and her mother felt that it was not an`ugly and terrible` thing to be here," she said.

"The good thing about Mardi Gras is that the people who attended showed a very positive, positive, upward [mental outlook ]..."

"Although we don`t see every one of them [in parade], they can see in the distance that there`s a group of people who stand here brave and confident, and I think that`s an encouragement for them as well. "

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