Travel around Sydney: The Entrance Pangese feeding Show

[Free Tour]     2019-02-10
The Entrance is a famous tourist attraction in Central Coast, almost between Sydney and Newcastle (Newcastle). It's a short drive from Sydney, about t...

The Entrance is a famous tourist attraction in Central Coast, almost between Sydney and Newcastle (Newcastle). It's a short drive from Sydney, about two hours by car.

The Entrance is a big and small holiday place, we drive directly to the seaside parking lot, next to the amusement park, under the big pine trees in the small water world, there have been a lot of children playing.

And two Play ground..

The place where visitors rest is beautifully designed.

A big feature of The Entrance is that it's so shallow that there's no need to worry that waves will wash the baby away.

The seagulls hovered so low over the head of the visitor.

The Entrance is also a good place to fish, and many fishing enthusiasts like to fish here.

Along the beach, the distance is the vast ocean.

Although the waves are not small, there is no danger in searching for treasure in the rocks.

If you want to swim in deeper water and go straight along the wooden road, the beach will be long.

A long walk will take you down the stairs to the beach.

Have a good time in the sea.

A lot of streetlights were occupied by a behemoth, high above, and this was my special friend, the goose. The pelican, also known as the pelican, is the largest bird in the world, known for its big mouth, which is wide enough to open its chin enough to lay down a big fish.

At 03:30 every day, there will be a performance of geese feeding in a square fixed by the seaside. It is said that more than three hundred geese live in The Entrance.

At first, there were few geese on the beach, only herds of seagulls.

At about two o'clock in the afternoon, the goose began to appear.

After a while, I do not know where to fly from a few tangling geese.

"keep up with the one behind you, step by step!"

The old man caught a fish in the water, did not swallow it, caught the fish in his mouth and swam over there, showing off his spoils.

There were a lot of geese in the sky.

The goose was really big when it spread its wings.

More and more geese arrived, wondering how they knew the time and didn't come until morning or after the party.

People don't offend me, I don't prisoners, if all people can get along with the animal peace, that would be nice.

The seagulls came to join the party.

Two Chinese threw some of the remaining fish into the sea to feed the geese, and the seagulls dared to rush down and grab food with the geese. But there are rules that don't feed geese alone, and don't know if they really don't know or still do what they do.

The lady probably wanted to lead the way, jumping up and standing by the square for fans to take pictures and enjoy.

It's a fine day today. There are a lot of people coming to see the show.

The one behind me threw the leftover fries into the water, causing a stir in the seagulls.

The show finally began, and the goose jumped ashore first.

"Oh, it stinks so much. I almost fell when I got ashore. So many fans looked at it, and it was so hard to love."

When the goose landed, one after the other, it was well-behaved.

When the stage was full, the rest of the geese stopped jumping up.

There is still a lot of water in the water.

"Hey, everybody line up, don't mess up. The show is about to start."

"Oh, my God, it's not a fish. It's my mouth. It's a blind bite."

"if you bite me, I'll bite you too. No one can eat it."

"take it, take it hard, it looks good when you fight." This guy is afraid that the world will not mess up.

When the feeder threw the fish into the sea, the geese shot up there.

"all stand up to me, see what you all look like, remember that you are stars, have you forgotten how to be? I don't care what you're doing behind your back, and in front of the audience, it's all good for me. Do you hear me? "

"it's just a show, it's too easy. Watch me swing my hands and twist my waist, and the fish will come to the mouth." Isn't it beautiful? "

"what are you smug about? look at me."

"Oh, come on, get your fucking hands off me. I'm going to squash it."

At the end of the performance, the geese on the shore slammed into the water and almost splashed me all over.

Tang goose still seems to be thinking of this feast, a three-time visit not willing to leave. Go back to the rest of the world where there is a feast, and tomorrow there will be.

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