Tourism lost 23 billion, calling on Australians to fully try the domestic 'travel experience'

[经济地产]     15 Aug 2020
Due to the closure of international borders, The states are locked up, And those who are able to travel spend almost half as much per night, Australia's domestic tourism industry lost A $11.8 billion in April and May. Tourism has proved to be one of the hardest hit industries COVID-19, This international trade and tourism minister SimonBirmingham calls on Australians to book "wonderful experiences...
Tourism lost 23 billion, calling on Australians to fully try the domestic 'travel experience'


Australia's domestic tourism industry lost A $11.8 billion in April and May, as international borders closed and states were blocked, while those who were able to travel consumed only nearly half of the past per night.

Tourism has proved to be one of the COVID-19 hardest hit industries, and trade and tourism minister Simon Birmingham call on Australians to book "wonderful experiences "—— such as caged diving with sharks in Port Lincoln or motorboats on the Gold Coast rather than just hiking in seaside villas or jungles.

According to new government data released on Friday, tourism shrank 87% in April and May, with total domestic travel spending falling from 13.5 billion in the same period last year to just 1.7 billion this year.

The worst losses were in the New State (3.6 billion), Queensland (2.7 billion), Victoria (2.6 billion) and the North Territory (1.1 billion).

Tourism lost 23 billion, calling on Australians to fully try the domestic 'travel experience'


The analysis of Australian Tourism Research Bureau data shows that while Australians spent an average of 658$ per night in April and May 2019, the figure dropped to $372.

"We want Australians not only to travel by road, but also to book experiences to fully feel what our country offers, whether it's surfing in Byron Bay, homemade whiskey in Tasmania, canoeing through Nitmiluk canyons or learning aboriginal art skills in Ceduna ," senator Birmingham said.

"This will not only provide them with the opportunity to try new things or complete their wish list activities, but will also support those operators and businesses that rely on millions of international visitors to come here every year to enjoy all of these travel experiences. "

Tourism lost 5.8 billion between January and April this year as international and domestic travellers reduced travel.

Together with the 5.4 billion spent on international tourism in April and May last year, tourism suffered 23 billion hits between January and May.

The number of overnight trips fell from nearly 20.5 million nights in April and May 2019 to just 4.6 million nights in the same period this year.

Birmingham senator has also stepped up pressure on state and territory leaders who do not communicate with the new crown community to open their borders and mentioned the establishment of a "travel bubble" between his home state of South Australia and other states considered "safe" as a good strategy.

"In a sense ,[ the closure of the border] has exceeded reasonable or acceptable levels. "Birmingham senator told ABC Radio.

"A state such as South Australia has comprehensive border control measures, but is now open to Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and the State... without any adverse effects, which provides an example for other states so that other states may consider at least similar openness. "

The Executive President of the Australian Tourism Council (Australian Tourism Industry Council) Simon Westaway expressed the concern of the tourism industry that the principle of border restrictions had not yet been agreed upon by the states.

He vowed to work with Morrison government to develop a national strategy.

"Business confidence is very low. This is a double blow to the border strategy.

"In recent weeks, each governor and territory leader somewhat over-strengthened their borders, with a double impact ," Mr. Westaway said.

"First, it reduces consumer confidence, and second, by imposing restrictions, it affects existing people preparing to travel. "

Australians spent A $105 billion on tourism in 2019.

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