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Population: 42.50 ten thousand
Alias: 坎京、堪村、坎贝拉
Australia - New South Wales
Population: 3.80 ten thousand
Wagga Wagga
Australia - New South Wales
Population: 5.60 ten thousand
Alias: 瓦噶瓦噶、瓦加瓦加、WaggaWagga
4  Bunbury
Australia - Western Australia
Population: 7.60 ten thousand
Alias: 班伯利、 邦伯里
Australia - Northern Territory
Population: 0.30 ten thousand
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Royal Canberra Show
Alias: ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show
Canberra Centre
Casino Canberra
Canberra Chinatown
Alias: 堪培拉中国城
Canberra Reptile Zoo
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Greyhound Australia: Sydney - Canberra (10% off)
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University of Canberra
Swinburne University of Technology
Alias: SUT,旋滨科技大学、斯威本理工大学、文本大学
Main campus: Victoria - Melbourne
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Tel: (02) 62853544
Primary business: 西人锁匠,提供上门开锁、修锁、装锁业务
Tel: 0400358668
Primary business: 堪培拉资深华人油漆公司
Tel: (02) 62806611
Primary business: 西人锁匠,提供上门开锁、锁具和安全服务
Tel: (02) 61623688
Primary business: 中医诊所、针灸、中草药、指压
Tel: (02) 62572008
Primary business: 网吧、电脑维修
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Australia - 堪培拉
Australia - 堪培拉
Australia - 堪培拉
Australia - 堪培拉