The summer vacation I seem to be back in the last century.

Looking forward to, finally survived final, looking forward to summer vacation, back to the ancestral (mei) country (shi) embrace.

Indeed, studying abroad, family and food at home have always been spiritual pillars.

As a result, as soon as the final season is over, many students will fly back home the first time to start a happy life.

However, unexpectedly, living abroad for a long time, back to the domestic unexpectedly have so many symptoms? Even drinking milk tea every day, around the spicy hot pot crayfish, but still a little unfit.


Social barriers

"Smile at passers-by

But they think of it as deep - well ice "

1. walked down the street and looked at the passers-by, nodded and smiled subconsciously. As a result, the other side showed the expression of deep-well ice. ??"

I slipped away...

2. before entering and leaving the door, the front of the people will help hold stay in the door, after returning to the street once, followed the front of the big brother into the door, the result was the market windproof door curtain paste a face.

3. have lived in the American countryside for a long time, and it feels too many people to return home.

4. someone sneezes, no one says bless you, always think the sneeze is not over.

5. used to say thank you, but it was said to be pretentious. (grievance)

6. is the most embarrassing thing after returning home? That's the guy who diss in line with his friends loudly ," Hey, look at the guy in front of you, it's xxxx... "It turns out everyone looks back at you, and then you slowly realize that people around you now understand Chinese.

Traffic Impairment

"Crossing the street with a dying will"

After 7. return home, I feel that I will not cross the road! Half the green light turned red is a nightmare, can only be trapped in the road central, in the wind messy.

8. not only can not walk, also can not drive, the traffic jam will not say, the old drivers on the road a show operation, see me scared.

9. always want to find a rope before getting off the bus, see the traffic lights want to find the next post button.

10. When taking a taxi, you should also fasten your seat belt in the back row, and be seen through by the driver at a glance :" Come back from abroad. "

11. When you see a police car, you get nervous. (Why? ? Innocent we don't understand, nervous is over)

12. To the gas station, stall off to open the fuel tank cover, next to the small gas expression gradually dignified: as if someone is going to rob me of my

13. You want to take off your shoes once you go through security.

Too lazy

"I don't deserve to be a fine pig girl"

After returning home, my little sister (and brother) on the road had a sunshade, and I was the only one with a big sun above 30 degrees in Beijing. Suddenly I feel a little bald.

15. What is wearing? I don't know, comfortable is over, after returning home to look at the side makeup exquisite, with exquisite little sister, smile independent disappeared, can not help but self-doubt, I am also a girl? ??

16. In foreign countries, no matter what clothes, dye what color of hair will rarely attract other people's comments, usually class too late to clean up a direct set hoodie step on the slippers went out, after returning home, facing the strange eyes of the street ashamed to think, next time can not do so.

Big changes

"From a man thinner than a yellow man to an entry-level man... "

17. Being surrounded in the United States by tall and strong white sisters, I mistook myself for being petite, and when I returned home, I found that the little sisters on the street were thin, and I was like an out of place.

18. No longer can easily buy healthy chicken breast and avocado, now I can only eat hot pot roast fried chicken copper pot frog (? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

19. Regret not to cherish the apartment/school free gym, the domestic swimming fitness I really can not understand, not to mention go to the crazy promotion of private classes.


"It's sour and sweet and spicy... "

Out of the habit of taking id, and friends out of the waves half way to think of not taking ID card, rushed home to take, the results found that the domestic use of id situation is far less foreign, or the motherland convenient ah!

Don't always remember to bring toilet paper when you go out. Suggest a solution: Remember when you' re stuck in a mall bathroom.

After eating McDonald's own cleaning plate, harvest cleaning aunt a basket of thanks.

23. Ready to wash the clothes on the same day, the result remembered that there was no dryer, hanging on the balcony the next day want to wear also expect today is a sunny day.

24. There was no fountain, at the door of the toilet to pick up water.

25. Go out to eat, thought to finally escape do not know what spicy foreign, haughty to tell the boss more spicy! And... Excuse me, but add another one to the sour plum soup.

Consumption confusion

"When I pull out cash

The cashier looked at an ancient man ."

26. Go to the supermarket to buy fruit and vegetables, when the payment only found that forget to weigh.

27. Because the place to go to school is far away from the Chinese supermarket, so that now go to the supermarket to see delicious always want to hoard a pile of home, and then think that now is in the country, want to eat at any time to buy, instant happiness fly up.

28. When paying, people are paying for their mobile phones, and only I am paying for my bank card (or even cash)

Students who use cash to settle accounts in 2018

29. Accustomed to their own credit card, pos machine clearly in front of the cashier to take away to help me swipe the card.

30. Three friends eat together, pay the bill can not be directly to three cards spread out, had to pay a person first, and then everyone faster than who.

31. Domestic prices are becoming more and more confusing, with thousands of dollars in any small dress in the shopping mall, and sephora will try to make up for it. But, as long as the embrace of father horse, I am the most beautiful cub across the street!

I can't get home

And I also the happiest baby

After listening to so many awkward and funny complaints, the home page Jun asked, the life after returning home is so awkward, do you still want to come back for summer vacation? Everyone's answer is, yes!

After all, the happiness of living in China is unimaginable to people who have not experienced it.

Food brought to the rapid drop is irreplaceable, after returning to the food is really too good, milk tea full of fresh taro fairy, hot pot roasted spicy hot pot, eight major dishes to eat, a month is not heavy.

The delivery fee of take-out is so cheap that I can't believe I' m sorry for not drinking a cup every day.

Think of the past driving half an hour to find milk tea shop, drinking four seasons milk green I left tears of gratitude...

Although shopping malls can not afford to spend things, but after returning home we finally have a treasure! Before can easily get when don't know how to cherish, now just feel the original treasure inside so many treasure shops! As long as click on the orange icon, we can become beautiful (qiong) on the road to go further and further!

It's too boring to hang out and eat and watch movies with old friends?

Don't relationship, there are plenty of entertainment options, secret room escape, private cinema, chess room, the entire holiday can be arranged clearly.

Of course, how many students of the heart of the foot treatment sweat steam and other health programs must not be less, even some small sisters in the flight back home call to make an appointment.

There is no denying that the domestic environment is somewhat inadequate in relation to some of the issues raised regarding habits and consciousness, but we can see that many things are changing.

For example, many first and second-tier cities in China have begun to implement the rules of motor vehicle comity to pedestrians, most shopping malls also provide toilet paper in the bathroom, more and more people in life will casually use polite language.

Everything is slowly changing and is in a better direction.

Perhaps after returning home, the place that does not adapt permeates all aspects of life, but still want to say a word, go back to the place that oneself lives more than ten years, no longer adapt is also happy.