Wang Gang lawer firm

Composition: we are an Australian lawer team led by Chinese lawer. In each case, we should not only realize the preciseness of western culture, but also use the flexibility of strategy and tactics of oriental culture. We are a rich, energetic, vibrant and responsive law team, and we are a confident law team who has the confidence to attack risks, fight hard battles and meet the challenges. Business scope: we are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, in Australia to undertake business. Our business scope is business disputes, criminal defense, business immigrants, property division, labor relationship, business transactions, international notarization and so on. Standard of service: for those cases that are confident to complete and win, we can use a non-successful and fee-free manner, and do not need customers to pay service fees in advance to facilitate the process of the case. We can accurately locate each case and creatively and quickly provide solutions that allow customers to take minimum risks in terms of law costs and case feasibility. Service consciousness: we uphold the customer interest maximization service consciousness, strive to solve the problem in the shortest time range. We take every request of the customer seriously and achieve the goal directly or indirectly for the customer within the framework of law. Contact us: 1. Please call our branch offices; or 2. Please send an email to; or 3. Please send a text message to 0430999888; or 4. Please call our Australian emergency law hotline 0420735899; or 5. Please call Wang Gang lawer at 0430999888. If you fail to answer it, you must reply; or 6. Please add social app number heraldlegal3 our office address and contact information as follows: Herald Legal Sydney Office: 306 ≤ 370 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: (02) 9283 8098 Fax: (02) 8005 4485 Email: Post address: PO BOX 20585, World Square, NSW 2002 Australia DX address: DX 11538, Sydney Downtown Melbourne Office: Level 40, 140 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Telephone: (03) 9008 8666 Email: Brisbane Office: Level 27,32 Turbot Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Telephone: (07) 3051 6181 Email: Perth Office: Level 11, Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 Telephone: (08) 6365 2566 Email: Adelaide Office: Levels 30, Westpac House, 91 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Telephone: (08) 7070 6667 Email: