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Located in Sydney, Australia, KBRZ has offices in Melbourne, Beijing and Shanghai. The company has real estate 、 financial and credit licences in Australia.

KBRZ kai bangrong is rich in australian real estate trading, management, development, operation and other practical experience, comprehensive understanding of the australian real estate industry. We have carefully selected potential plots and high-quality properties for you, and signed a cooperation agreement with the mainstream real estate developers in Australia to promote the sale of Australia real estate. We have been providing customers in Australia from housing selection, booking, contract signing, down payment, assistance in mortgage applications, delivery, check-in or rental on behalf of a one-stop, comprehensive quality services.


KBRZ is engaged in Australian financial credit business for many years, with mature financing channels and customer resources, with a number of financial institutions in Australia to provide quality business loans, residential loans, overseas income loans, credit loans and other services, for your Australian real estate investment escort! Mortgage funds and real estate investment trusts, which we operate in Australia, provide efficient and practical financial solutions to finance clients and maintain value added for their wealth.


KBRZ Kaibang Rong is working on a diversified investment strategy to create financial products that truly meet the needs of customers in different regions and different needs. more committed to build a firm and mutual trust with customers partners relationship, through our network advantages, resource advantages, investment strategy advantages and intellectual advantages, to seek the best capital return opportunities for customers.

KBRZ Kaibang Rongzheng, your trusted supplier of Australian home purchase and financial credit solutions.