How do domestic calls make Australian calls

Many visitors are confused about how to use Chinese phone calls to make Australian calls (including domestic and international roaming in Australia), or to use Australian calls to make Chinese calls. For this reason, we have compiled the following forms for reference.

 I'm the Chinese cell phone number. I'm in China.I'm the Chinese mobile number, roaming in Australia.This is Australian cell phone number.
Dial Australian fixed call0061 8-digit fixed area code: 0061 02 59190000 main area code is Sydney, Canberra: 02, Melbourne: 03, Brisbane, Gold Coast: 07, Adelaide, Perth: 08If the area code is within the same area code, the area code can be omittedSame left
Call Australian cell phone0061 4 8-digit mobile phone number: 0061 4 22875251 Note: Australian mobile phone format is 04 8 digits, but when dialing international long distance calls need to remove the first "0"04 eight-digit cell phone numbe04 eight-digit cell phone numbe
Dial China fixed callNeedless to say:)0011 86 area code fixed number example: 0011 86 21 59190000 Note: the area code needs to remove the first "0"Same left
Dial Chinese mobile phoneditto0011 86 Mobile phone number: 0011 86 13585800000Same left

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