China for the first time set up immigration, Australian Chinese permanent residence green card, dual nationality can be expected in the near future!

On March 13, 2018, at the first session of the 13th National people's Congress (NPC), a major reform plan attracted attention: the State is preparing to set up the National Immigration Administration, which is responsible for the stay of foreigners. Nationality management and refugee management issues!

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As soon as the news came out, overseas Chinese clapped their hands and applauded!

So, what is the source of this information? Reliable? What will be the impact of the establishment of the Immigration Administration on the lives of overseas Chinese?

1. Proposal for the "two sessions": establishment of the Immigration Authority

On March 13, the first session of the 13th National people's Congress held its fourth plenary meeting at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Entrusted by the State Council, State Councilor Wang Yong made a statement to the first session of the 13th National people's Congress on the plan for institutional reform of the State Council.

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In the note, Wang Yong said: "with the further improvement of China's comprehensive national strength, the number of foreigners who come to China to work and live continues to increase, putting forward new requirements for doing a good job in immigration management services. In order to strengthen the overall coordination of immigration and immigration management, and to better form a joint force in immigration management, the plan proposes to integrate the entry and exit management of the Ministry of Public Security, the duties of border inspection, and establish a sound coordination mechanism for visa management. The State Immigration Administration shall be established and administered by the Ministry of Public Security. "

Its main responsibilities are:

= coordinate the formulation of migration policies and organize their implementation,

= be responsible for the administration of entry and exit, the inspection of port documents and the management of border people's movement,

= responsible for the administration of stay and permanent residence of foreigners, refugee administration, nationality administration,

= take the lead in coordinating the governance of the "three non-nationals" and the repatriation of illegal migrants,

Responsible for the management of Chinese citizens' services in and out of the country, undertaking international cooperation in the field of immigration, and so on.

He added that the establishment of the new organization is also aimed at strengthening the co-ordination of immigration and immigration management and better forming a joint effort in immigration management.

2. The establishment of the Immigration Service is the general trend of the times.

Before the proposal was put forward, the duties of the so-called "Migration Board" of China were distributed among such institutions as the entry and exit Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Border Guard Bureau and the entry and exit administration department of local public security; And over the past few decades, China's immigration policy has been so conservative that China's "green card" has been called "the hardest green card in history."

According to the China International Migration report, published by China and Globalization think tank (CCG) in 2015, about five hundred and ninety three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine expatriates live in China, accounting for 0.04 percent of China's population, according to the China International Migration report published by the Social Science Literature Publishing House. It is well below the average of 10-15% in developed countries in Europe and America and 2-3% in developed countries and regions in Asia.

However, it is undeniable that in recent years, with the implementation of talents introduction programs such as Thousand talents Plan, China has absorbed more and more foreign talents.

China also formally joined the Geneva-based International Organization for Migration on June 30, 2016, becoming its 165th member.

At the time, Wang Huiyao, director of the China and Globalization Research Center, said in an interview with the Beijing News that joining the International Organization for Migration would help China to strengthen immigration services and management, establish norms, and improve the immigration management system at home and abroad.

On the other hand, with the strengthening of ties between overseas Chinese and the motherland, more and more overseas Chinese also propose that due to the excessive decentralization of China's power in foreign affairs, overseas Chinese and foreign experts are in visa, residence, and employment. Naturalization and other matters also need to find different departments to handle, time-consuming and energy-consuming.

Therefore, as early as 2016, some scholars suggested that the establishment of the Immigration Administration is the general trend.

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Now the Immigration Administration has been formally put on the agenda with the government reform proposals. In the next government, the government department in charge of immigration affairs will meet with Chinese at home and abroad.

3. Chinese green card dual nationality will be realized?

The proposal of the Immigration Administration has also made a series of issues of concern to overseas Chinese, such as dual nationality, permanent residence green cards, long-term family visits and vacations, and so on, which have finally made it possible to solve them!

First, it is mentioned in the reform plan that the new National Immigration Administration will be responsible for coordinating the formulation and implementation of immigration policies. In other words, many overseas Chinese, because the policy is temporarily unable to implement the immigration policy, such as the permanent residence of Chinese green card and other policy formulation speed, will soon be greatly "accelerated"!

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In addition, the new Immigration Administration can also help those who receive permanent residence green cards to deal with social security, file registration, and possible collective accounts, which will greatly facilitate the return of overseas Chinese to obtain green cards; At the same time, in connection with the fact that China has gradually opened up its policy of multiple family visits over the past 10 years, the future Immigration Administration will also be responsible for issues such as stay and stay of foreigners, and it will be more convenient for overseas Chinese to return home!

More importantly, this year's "two sessions", Zhu Zhenfu, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and vice president of the all-China Bar Association, put forward a proposal to amend Article 9 of the nationality Law: if a Chinese citizen acquires foreign nationality, If China does not apply for renunciation of Chinese nationality, China only recognizes the citizen's Chinese nationality and does not recognize his or her foreign nationality.

The proposal is read as follows: "even if you join a foreign country, but if you do not ask for the cancellation of Chinese nationality, China can still identify with the citizen's Chinese nationality, in essence, the Chinese nationality of the citizen," he said. Is acquiesced in the identity of "dual nationality". "

After the establishment of the Immigration Administration, the issue of nationality will also be dealt with. In other words, with the establishment of the Immigration Board, it is a step closer to China's determination of "dual nationality".

The last one that will soon have a positive impact on overseas Chinese is responsible for the management of Chinese citizens' services in and out of the country. In other words, in the future, the protection of Chinese people going abroad will be more comprehensive, and the efficiency of immigration management services will be greatly improved!

4, say goodbye to "foreign trash"!

In addition, after the establishment of the Immigration Administration, China's management of foreign talent will also become more stringent.

I wonder if you can sympathize with a recent article entitled "more than 200 Chinese Girls Sleeped by American Losers", which expresses a bitter and direct expression of a mess that spreads all over the country: many white men from abroad. At best they are "losers" in their country, but they have become so-called "foreign teachers" at home, nagging students for money in English during the day, picking up girls everywhere at night, and even 200 girls saying they want to have "mixed-blood babies" with him.

Even the rape of underage foreign trash teachers has made it a foreign teacher in private secondary schools: when the immigration administration is set up, however, the good days of "foreign trash" are coming to an end. Because, from now on, China will greatly improve the employment requirements of foreign workers: according to the work permit notice for foreigners promulgated in 2016 and the work permit for foreigners, only these three types of foreigners will be allowed to work in China in the future:

Category A: includes high-end professionals and innovative start-ups.

Category B: includes other foreign professionals who are in urgent need of China's economic and social development, especially in the fields of management and technology. However, foreigners engaged in international trade, sports, culture and education will be restricted.

Category C: includes staff in non-technical or service areas. Such foreigners will focus on restricting their entry to China.

The score will refer to salary, educational level, Chinese level and age criteria. Class A requires at least 85 points, Class B at least 60 points, and below 60 points for Class C.

If they are working in violation of the rules or staying in China as "black people", the Chinese Government may follow the Australian Government's treatment of the "black people", repatriate them lightly, and kick them out of the country directly!

As one netizen's sharp comment: we welcome all countries to Korea, not welcome to Japan. I believe that in the future, China will take a heavy fist to clean up these "foreign trash" people, it is very gratifying!

In short, having said so many advantages, we can say that the establishment of the Immigration Administration in China is very exciting!