UNSW Campus Line & Large Face-to-Face

Our vision for all IT Chinese to come to work is no longer a difficult task. It's more than 8,000 IT small partners to focus on joining us and become the largest Chinese IT organization in Australia. It's also approved by thousands of small IT partners. The top-of-the-world IT bull is here, so we're in a foreign country, and it's also felt that the warm community covers the IT job-hunting group, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne's local group, the big front-end, php, AI, block chain, Java, Mobile, Laraval, and so on. The activity of tens of thousands of people per day has also proved that our IT people are a group of warm, ideal, and loving groups. craftsman's official network: the development direction of the data industry & the professional skill that the ba should have

>> Main speaker: KE @ CBA

Development and operation and maintenance of new contact & DevOps industry

> presenter: Yu @ Atlassian

Disengage the industry-Networking

>> Main speaker: Tiango@Top Network Co., Ltd.

Time:10/10/2019 6:30 pm

地点: UNSW Quadrangle G034

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There's also a surprise gift+CV modification opportunity.

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