Steak a good base of the dragon: the slag man, Tam Wing-lin

What Tam Wing-Lin has done recently has made the general public and fans extremely expected. Gao is very surprised. Is this still the respected headmaster Tan? Gao Xiao through detailed understanding and verification that this is a scum man, compared with Jackie Chan is simply a good gay friend.

Hong Kong has always been rich in heavenly superstars, such as Andy Lau, Cheung Xueyou, Zhou Runfa, Zhou Xingchi, etc., while "Principal" Tan Yonglin was born in Hong Kong in 1950, his song accompanied several generations of growth, such as nearly 70% of this year, he is still active on the stage. Despite his success in his career, his love life has been criticized by the outside world.

There are six brothers and sisters in Tam Wing-Lin's family, and he is the only boy. Because of the influence of the football player's father, Tam has loved football since he was a child. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia held in June this year, Tam Wing-Lin rushed to the scene many times to watch the game. As the best singer in singing and the best singing in football, Tam Wing-Lin also formed a Hong Kong star football team. Often participate in all kinds of football friendlies and charity activities.

Ms. Tam Wing-lin and his wife, Yang Jiwei, met in 1974, and in 1981, the two people in the United States, considering that they would have an impact on their cause, did not choose to make public announcement. In 1993, Yang Jiwei's father died, the media published the "Ms. Tam Wing-lin", and the relationship of the couple was made public.

After many years of marriage, the two have no children, and media exse said, Yang Jiwei has been pregnant on many occasions after the marriage, but because of a number of miscarriages, it can't be pregnant again, and Tan's Wing-in, instead of a more loving wife, runs out to find three.

In 1991, Tam Wing-lin, a 22-year-old fan girlfriend, Zhu Yongting, was at the age of 41, and Zhu Yongting was only 19, and the two were at the meeting of the fans, and Zhu Yongting became an underground lover of the idol Tan, and was willing to accept the nameless love. In 1996, Tam Wing-lin gave birth to a son.

When Tan Yonglin and his wife Yang Jiewei knew that when they failed to become famous, Yang Jiewei resigned for the development of Tan Yonglin's career. She learned dance design, dance beauty choreography, lighting scheduling, and became an art planner to take care of Tan Yonglin's career in all directions.

They registered for marry in Las Vegas, but were in seclusion until Yang Jiewei lost her father in 1993 and the obituary published "son-in-law Tan Yonglin". The couple's husband and wife relationship did not make it public.

So Yang Jiewei, after a number of pregnancies, was forced to tire, and eventually led to infertility, and she had also given her an edge-free child, a "all", in the Zhiccup Garden, where the number of children to be dropped should be no less.

Well, at that time, Tan Yonglin was a favorite bean sought after by thousands of young girls. For the development of his idol career, he publicly declared himself to be Dink.

In other words, love beans are marry, Ding Budink will affect fans' enthusiasm for love beans, black question mark again?

Can't a star afford a condom contraceptive? I hope Tam Wing-Lin will explosion in situ.

After a ten-year follow-up with Yang Jiwei marry, Tan Yonglin hooked up his fans, Zhu Yongting, and Zhu Yongting was the manager of Tan Yonglin's song-and-the-art, in other words, the president of the latter.

In particular, it is possible that Tan Yonglin doesn't want to have his "Radix Puerariae powder" reputation, so there is a rumor that Zhu Yongting is a fan of Zhang Guorong.

Come on, how can you be your second wife to your fans? Zhang Guorong fans and Tan Yonglin fans fought three times at that time! It's not good for fans to get out of the competition!

After the event, Zhu Yongting gave birth to her son Tan Xiaofeng for Tan Yonglin. Even if he was reluctant to do so, Tan Yonglin still led a life of monogyny and bigamy.

It is very inconsistent with the idea that evil is rewarded for evil. The son of the other woman has a good fortune. He was admitted to Oxford University for a master's degree and looks good. Tan Yonglin likes this son very much.

Today, the media often get a photo of Tan's ``one and three'' happy, but the original wife isn't so lucky.

Unable to give birth to the original status is getting lower and lower, Tan Yonglin recovered the financial power to give 1 billion family property to Zhu Yongting to take care of, but also prepared to transfer the family property to his son Tan Xiaofeng, the original match lost everything, and finally saw through the red dust shaving degree to become a monk.

Discouraged by love, she finally decided to devote the rest of her life to the Buddha.

In fact, if you just want a child to inherit, Tam Wing-lun can choose to adopt; if Tam Wing-Lin really loves his wife, they can be "dink". What Tam Wing-Lin is doing now can only show that he cheated on his wife and used it as an excuse to use "wife unable to have children" as an excuse.

In the Lan Jieying incident, the public generally believed that the perpetrator was Zeng Zhiwei, after all, Zeng Zhiwei had a record before, but Tan Jam supported Zeng Zhiwei and said there was no such thing.

Hong Kong Three Lord Slag

Later, journalist asked Tam what he thought of Zeng Zhiwei and accused him of dizzy seven models by his model godmother, while Tan Yonglin said coldly that he did not know her.

Do you like this "Mr. Tan"?

The damnation isn't good enough! 886~.

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